Fight Night Space has some problems

For several days, the Fight Night Space in the EA Sports Complex is online and on various forums users reported that their PlayStation 3 crashes when they visiting the Space. In the Space is a DJ mini-game present where the problems begin. If you are in the neighborhood of the mini-game, your PlayStation 3 will stuck, and you have to reset your PlayStation 3 and log into Home again. Hopefully EA Sports will fix this, so that everyone can play the mini-game and get a lot of T-shirts for their Home avatar.

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pat84ricia3470d ago

I forgot to say that the problem is in the Europian Home, i don't know if it is also for the American and other versions of Home.

ian723470d ago

My PS3 crashed in the EA fight night complex last night also. After resetting it was ok, didn't crash on any other area of home. I also didn't go back into EA fight night, will try it again soon though see if its fixed.