Game Informer: Rage scans

Here are the Rage scans from the latest issue of Game Informer. See the Alternative Sources below for the high resolution versions.

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TIKUP3470d ago

this game looks sick i am now getting the ps3 version because it only uses one disc :D

Charmers3470d ago

I'll get the PC version, because it will look better graphically, have a higher resolution, better framerate and it will cost $20 less than the PS3 version :D

Syronicus3470d ago

I am going to puting together a new PC for Diablo III and might consider bumping up the time table to get it ready for this game. Otherwise it will be PS3 for me too. The PC version will look sick though, I have to admit.

Hisiru3470d ago

I'll get the x360 version because it will have the best controls.

DarK-SilV3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

PC is the ultimate machine for graphic whore, once you are in there is no turning back, I have never though I would write such comment since I Love the Ps3 and the X360,but PC is the way to go if you have the right hardware

Hellsvacancy3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

Im all over Rage - that and Heavy Rain woop woop woop

Rage is out this year isnt it?

gaffyh3470d ago

Looks good, kinda fallout-y. Probably will end up getting the PC version, but I seem to be playing PS3 more than any other platform lately. Dunno, I guess I'll just go for the first format that is released.

Chubear3470d ago

lol, I stopped gaming about 12 or 13yrs ago XD way way too nerdy and anti social for me.

So far I haven't seen much of this game other than graphics to judge weather I'd even be bother.

ABizzel13470d ago

Looking really good. 2010 release hopefully.

JsonHenry3470d ago

Don't kid yourselves. If you have a PC capable of playing this game then you owe it to yourselves to play it on the PC!

If not - then "suffer" playing it on a sub-par format on a console.

360 man3470d ago

i think its safe to say this is the best looking console first person shooter to date

phosphor1123470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

I'm pickin this game up. I would get it for my awesome PC... that still needs to be more awesomed up for games like that (sigh). So I will have to resort to the PS3 version. I've been saving up for college tuition... so I can't up my PC just yet =/. Hell, atleast I can play cryris...on lower settings >_< lol

@ DarK-SilV
He's right. Anyone in denial about which has more power is wrong. PS3 exclusives can't work the way they do on PC, but they can be made. The PC is the pioneering front of gaming, technology, and power. If I was able to play RAGE on my PC at full settings, I'd get it. I'd be playing it at full 1080 resolution with settings the 360 and PS3 can't achieve. Yes, that is really expensive to upgrade to a higher GPU etc. But those who are disagreeing with him are wrong. Plain and simple.

Things like Crysis like graphics with KZ2 like animations are possible on the PC because they have almost limitless possibilities with the PC. Keep that in mind folks.

360 man3470d ago


wat r u using ur pc on a tv

kewlkat0073470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

Of course that's nothing new, now why get the PS3 version? Where are the PC lovers, that like to come out on PC/360 articles?

No doubt this will be a beast on the PC(if you are capable, I know I'm not), which usually translate well on a similar platforms the Xbox 360 + 360 Controller + 46inch LCD + Xbl = Win for me.

phosphor1123470d ago
I've got two of these side by side.

1 main PC monitor, 2nd extends desktop

2nd is also used for games via HDMI, and I have a component to VGA adapter for my consoles without HDMI ports... also the adapter is fed from a AV/HD input switcher... So, PS2, GC, Xbox, Xbox360 can all be plugged into this single monitor along with my PS3 and PC. It's amazing. I still need a new 360 though lol... Until then I won't be satisfied with my set up.

360 man3470d ago

wow i can only imagine how insane ur setup must look like

SuperM3470d ago

The game runs at 60 FPS on consoles, basically silky smooth. Its build specifically with consoles in mind. Only difference on PC version will be higher resolution and more AA.

That being said, im probably getting it for PC myself for mouse and keyboard control

ThanatosDMC3470d ago

Kinda looks like Fallout 3. I just hope there's more stuff to do and NPCs that you need to talk to dont get mauled by a monster when you reload your game. Also, I cant find Walter any more in Megaton.

Anyway, is this the game that they had to cut back from 3 disks to 2 disks or was that Borderlands?

coolirisGB3470d ago

So one person up there will get this on PS3 because its on one disc and the other on the 360 because of the controls.

I'm getting this on what ever platform was the lead so 360 it is.

topdawg1223469d ago

Damn, this looks pretty good, need to watch this one a bit more

phosphor1123469d ago

I mean, the monitors barely fit on my desk (made for 1 monitor), all my wires are just hangin around in between my desk with the monitor, and my desk with my PS2, GC, etc (my tv is there too). If I want to move things around. I want to go crazy cuz its so many wires lol.

DarK-SilV3469d ago

@phosphor112 “So, PS2, GC, Xbox, Xbox360 can all be plugged into this single monitor along with my PS3 and PC. It's amazing”

Haha I guess we share almost the same setting
I have this beast running on my PC t
This is my set
40 inch 1080P HDTV connected Via HDMI for Pc,X360and Ps3
5.1 surround system.
Xbox360 controller for PC

I have compared countless games on PC, X360 and Ps3,
You will notice the difference, even if the res on the PC was 720P

cyberwaffles3469d ago

it's only "nerdy" and anti-social if you don't know how to balance your time and social life. i remember when i was a little kid, i moved to the navy housing in san diego, CA and i invited like 15 kids over to my house just to play some tekken on my first few days in california. we became new friends, i met A LOT more people through them, school started, played flag football, played outside everyday, played games at night yadda yadda. not anti-social at all in my opinion.

phosphor1123469d ago

I wish I had a 5.1 system, though my AV switcher only supports eh... Closest thing to 5.1 is my 5.1 headphones. Tritton set. Optical in from my PS3.

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fossilfern3470d ago

looks great defenatly getting this on PC. John Carmack is a legend it has to be said

crazy-eyez-killah3470d ago

How can people disagree with that? The guy pretty much invented First person shooters - makes him a legend in the industry in my opinion too....

PC version for me.

Lich1203469d ago

Honestly, how can anyone disagree that carmack is a legend? Regardless, Im going after the PC version, because if its an id game I feel as though the PC will be nicely supported.

Liquid Ocelot3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

I'll be getting the 360 version as it will have Superior graphics, sound and gameplay.

As everyone knows the 360 version of all multi plat games is better then the Ps3 and Pc versions.

Edit: Wow i had 10 bubbles know i have 7 that just shows that this site really is controlled by Sony fans.

STONEY43470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

"As everyone knows the 360 version of all multi plat games is better then the Ps3 and Pc versions."


"and Pc versions."

If you honestly think the 360 version is gonna look better than the PC version, you're the delusional one.

Edit: I got a disagree? Someone actually thinks the console versions are going to look better than the PC...

Boody-Bandit3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

A brand new John Carmack engine is going to look and play better on a console over a PC?

"Edit: Wow i had 10 bubbles know i have 7 that just shows that this site really is controlled by Sony fans."

You just made a beyond ignorant remark and you question taking a hit on your bubbles? About the only thing I agree with you saying is wow. Just wow!

Edit: I should have checked your post history before responding to you. Now I know all I need to know. Judging from your comment history you most likely bubbled yourself up in the first place so just do it again.

You have the most unusual history I have ever checked out. In the beginning you were on one side and now it appears you flipped to the other but your logging in and out makes no sense at all. It appears up until July 09 all you did for the past year was logged in and contribute nothing. Or did you? Very strange indeed but I'm bored today so I had fun trying to uncover the mystery that is Liquid Ocelot.

Jdoki3470d ago

Wow Liquid. That's the second time I've noticed you've used that '360 superior to PC line'.

In fact I think the first time was in reference to Alan Wake 'no longer being gimped on 360 because they are not developing a PC version'.

Ah, still funny! :) Either you are trying to get everyone's back's up or you are seriously deluded.

Is your PC stuck at 640x480 res or something?

JsonHenry3470d ago

You lost bubbles for saying it is better than the PC version.


come on guys, i am sure he was just joking.

Nobody could be that stupid.... could they ?? ummmmm...

SuperM3470d ago

The guy is just being a troll. I seriously doubt he is thaaat stupid. Although here at N4G you can never really know. Its a good thing though that Id has used alot of time to make the engine run smoothly on the PS3. Carmack even said the game might even look slightly better on the PS3 at certain points in the game.

aaronisbla3470d ago

And even they wouldn't say such crap as you have stated liquid, enjoy ur hit to ur bubbles, although not by me, u deserve it

thereapersson3469d ago

So you're admitting you have multiple accounts? I know there's noone in their right mind who would give *YOU* a bubble.

pumpkinpunker3469d ago

Just be lucky your comment wasn't deleted for saying something so positive about the 360!

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DeforMAKulizer3470d ago

Looks utterly awesome!!!! =D
If my new computer will be able to run it good by the time it comes out, well, ill get it on PC, if not, PS3 it is...
Im glad to see id invest all their time to use the advantages of all consoles and platforms, without sacrificing from other versions...
The screens are incredible!
Can't wait to see more! =D