Reflections On A Failing Game Console

Something Awful don't think very highly of console fanboys who invest too much time and emotion into seeing one video game system perform better than another based purely on personal preference. But they must admit, there's something entertaining about seeing anybody fall flat on their face, especially the successful and well intentioned.

They followed the PlayStation 3's massive failure to elicit any sort of excitement with the gaming public with such keen interest. It's not surprising however, that Sony's crown jewel isn't exactly flying off the shelves at this point.

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Diselage4193d ago

Do we have to have one article a day bashing each console?

Sony and Microsoft please bury the hatchet and release a joint console, the fanboys reactions would be amazing.

Rooted_Dust4193d ago

Having fanboys rip on articles is bad, but reading articles written by fanboys is worse.

Neutral Gamer4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

Sometimes I seriously think this site needs to be renamed to:

The sad truth is that it's precisely those type of stories (not to mention Blu-ray vs HD DVD) that get the most attention and highest temperatures, hence people feel the need to submit more of the same.

Sure, stories about games (e.g. GTA, Halo etc.) generate interest but I reckon a significant proportion of stories on this site are dedicated to the ancient art of flaming! Hell, maybe N4G should just go ahead and put up a FAQ section for efficient flaming and flamebaiting and put a couple of questions about it in the Contributors' Test!

sabbath4204193d ago

Dude that would suck if we had no competition. Look at Madden! from ea sports. They have no more competition and now they suck. Competition makes for better games all around.

QuackPot4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

Sony vs Micro$oft.

Unfortunately we have a lot of ignorant fanboys - who are overwhelmingly xbots - who primarily judge a consoles merits based upon the games on and exclusive to it. All games should be multiplatform then we would see which console is truly better.

But Micro$oft is in the picture now. As a Linux and OSS supporter, we know the monopolistic practises M$ uses to secure its Winblow$ on PCs. Try buying a PC without Winblow$ installed. It's not free, it's included in the price even though you don't want that piece of crap on your HDD. And developers make products for the dominant system because that's where the money is - and thats also where M$ gets most of its revenue(Os licences/royalties).

And now Micro$oft is in the game console market. You'd be a twit (ie xbot) if you think M$ is not seeking to monopolize this market as well. The almighty $$ is their mantra. Afterall, they got you to pay $$ for xbl when they could have offered it for free(ie PSN).

Again, any game can be ported to any console. The exclusives idea is merely blinding you to what is really happening here.

...Sony vs Micro$oft....

...A company that is use to competition VS A company that has been a monopoly for 20 yrs....

I know which company I would trust.

Sony will eventually win the war but its not going to be pretty. Then Micro$oft can finally focus on pure games development(eg like Sega) and port Halo, Forza, Viva etc to the Playstation.

I'd shudder to think, what would happen to the industry if Micro$$$$$oft wins the war.

So who would you trust - a competitor or a monopoly? Simple really....

WilliamRLBaker4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

You think with the start of his comment that hey he might not be a fanboy he finds fanboys ignorant, then he says this.
""who are overwhelmingly xbots ""

Which Overwhelmingly proves his inability to make unbiased fanboy comments, all so what undermines any reason to believe a word he says is that he uses the old M$ monkier...and believes that every thing microsoft does is wrong, and is an monoply in every thing they do.....Because we all know that Sony is the most holy of companies has never done any thing wrong, Never made any mistakes, never commited monoplistic practices...or practices that are immoral....

And why does he trust sony? the truth and what he doesn't want people to know ain't microsoft thats why he trusts them....

His Inability to see past conspiracy theory, and hate the man attitude makes him incapable of looking past a company and just having fun with games...

And other Misc legal troubles over the years, Yep sony is the holy grail of companies...
When you can use most OS's like i have, and own most every system with out bias...then you'll become believeable till then....your just a fanboy falconer...

By the way this is an awesome article, The Writer really tells it how it the way why is very one taking is so seriously? the name of the site is the internet makes you stupid...come on seriously people..its opinion and thats all...

Diselage4192d ago

Sabbath I didn't say no competition, just have Sony and Microsoft join. Nintendo or whoever else can release whatever. Then the fanboyism can live on.

QuackPot4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

So with his ramblings about Sony, he's basically admitting Micro$oft's a monopoly. Good boy. It's obvious.

Most PCs have Winbow$ with programs written specifically for it. M$ has huge market leaverage because they control to Winblow$ and subsequently everything that runs on it - a monopoly. And least we forget, we are all forced to pay for windows when we buy a PC - its included in the price. Retailers won't give u a discount to remove it. Vista will eventually succeed because of Microsoft's monopoly - Linux and Mac OSX only hold a small part of the market.

So now this beloved monopoly, better know as Microsoft, is in the console business. What fool believes that they wouldn't do what is necessary to drive out Sony and achieve market dominance?

Okay, I hate Micro$oft but for legitimate reasons. With my science background, I think objectively, logically, rationally, sensibly and of course intelligently. I'm a Deltan - which WilliamR is clueless about - which means I don't let my emotions affect what I think or do. Apparently, WilliamR interprets that as being a Fanboy. Now if he thinks like that then that explains why he keeps ignoring everything I've said and distorts things to what he believes. Again, poor fella.

He truly is a Fan...boy.

razer4192d ago

This is more fanboy fodder. The PS3 is doing just fine and isn't going anywhere. Competition is good! I do think that game exclusives are good when it comes to first party. When you are doing console ports usually the systems full potential isn't exploited to it's fullest.

BrotherSic4192d ago

by Deltan you mean?:

"In the fictional Star Trek universe, the Deltans are a closely humanoid species, probably Federation members. They have a limited telepathic ability, allowing them to use touch to stop another person from feeling pain. Deltans emit extremely powerful pheromones, provoking a strong sexual reaction in many other species" - wiki

if you do, thats the best thing I have ever heard!

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Boink4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

sony defenders, start your engines!

there is no way this article was written by a xbox fanboy, as he trashes the 360 quite a bit too.

WilliamRLBaker4193d ago

Of course they can, this is the nature of a fanboy, Xbox fanboys can do the same. A fanboy is someone that really cannot see reason....reason could be 5 inches from they're face and they'd never see it.

Trust me on that I know fanboys.

TheMART4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

Well it's an article, written by someone. So it's news however you like to see it or not.

And I find it rather amusing

Comment of the month:

"So it's not surprising that a 600 dollar gaming console isn't exactly sitting at the top of the NPD sales chart that game nerds salivate for every month. In March, 2007 the PS3 sold 130,000 units. To put that into perspective the Gameboy Advance sold 148,000 units. The PS3 is basically getting beat by a f*cking Super Nintendo."

The PS3 pwned by a f*cking Super Nintendo" haha great

Diselage4193d ago

Yeah it's news i know, but for the love of all that is gaming. There are a lot of articles from people that post opinions about which console is best I just try to not post them unless it was written by someone i've heard of before. Honestly the entire front page could be filled with "This console will win because" every day if we post everyone's opinion articles.

Bonsai12144193d ago

well, snes was the best system ever made... so i'm not complaining :D even though the article says GBA, its a good system as well

power of Green 4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

On both consoles and has a realist tone too vs bias trashing of ones prefference's compatition!.

Too late by the time i refresh this will be on the Home page.

BIadestarX4193d ago

HAHA. I am laughing not because of the content of this article, but because we love to hate eachother. We are all becoming like a nice big disfunctional family aren't we? "Sony and Microsoft please bury the hatchet and release a joint console" If that happends then this site will be useless and we will no longer have fun with the fanboys like Bill Gates who look like this (see attached picture (the one on the chair)), or DJ (see computer guy picture) with his invaluable knowledge in hardware specs.

Bill Gates4192d ago


wait, and by posting comments like...

"this site will be useless and we will no longer have fun with the fanboys like Bill Gates who look like this (see attached picture (the one on the chair)), or DJ (see computer guy picture) with his invaluable knowledge in hardware specs."...and posting pictures doesn't make you a fanwhore??
Those were really funny by the way. Thanks for making me the one on the chair, and not the one with the keybored.

You're one of the MANY fanb!tches here fuk faced LOSER!!

so much anger......LMFAO....

Wargasm4192d ago

What if that was bill gates?

he could make outrageous claims like "im actually Bill Gates"

.... and no one would believe him