The PS3 is doing better than you think

Europe-nintendo writes ""It's in third place." "Sony messed up." "Sony is doomed!" Unless you're new to the internet (in that case, welcome!), you've probably heard all of the anti-Sony comments before. Ever since its launch in 2006, the PS3 has been often called a failure by certain websites and people (and of course, fanboys). Even in 2009, with Sony's outstanding game lineup, people are still criticizing the console and its games. The point is, people still love to hate the PS3. But is any of it true? After doing some research, I've come to the conclusion that no, it's not even close. In fact, despite currently being outsold by the Wii and Xbox 360, Sony's latest console has been doing a very good job."

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kalebgray923472d ago

i hate all the ps3 posts about is ps3 dying, blu ray dying, thats just stupid.... its doing good and getting better

Gamertags3472d ago

but that doesn't mean that the system is dead! Sure it lacks some features and it costs more, and the third party games aren't as good and software developers actually sell less on the system but ultimately, the PS3 is selling. It is selling well.

Sure, tnot as good as the opposing systems but it is selling. If you think the PS3 is going somewhere you clearly know nothing about the gaming industry and Sony.

Give it time and you will see, Sony is here to stay and so is the PS3. It may not top MS but it will continue to do fairly!

kalebgray923472d ago

if you read the article you would know that the ps3 is selling better that the 360 at the 3 year mark.... and the games are way better ... the only 360 exclusive that i am actually going to buy is mass effect 2... thats it....

ps3 has way better exclusives and when it comes down to it that is what matters... imagine if there were no exclusives the 360 would be useless because it doesnt have blu ray... and 3rd party games really aren't that different on the 2 consoles

maybe when the 360 was out a year early and the developers had experience with it .. btw its not that differnt from a pc game.. and the ps3 was brand new and difficult to develop for because it was actually an advance in tech but now the only difference is one is a little darker and one is a little lighter

ultimolu3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Place is NOTHING but a number. People who criticize Sony dwell on numbers instead of opening their f*cking eyes and seeing that the console has come a long way since 2006.

"Bluray was a mistake!" - Look what's happening. Bluray is becoming more and more relevant each day.

"It has no games!" - Too many games coming out this year.

"Too hard to develop for!" -Developers taking advantage of the console each day and are learning new things.

"It's too expensive!" - And yet Sony's working their asses off to bring the production costs down. People should be GLAD they didn't have to spend $600.00+ back in 2006/2007.

But you know, all haters will keep seeing is 3rd place. That's what they always do.

And Gamertags, keep living in that dreamworld you call Microsoft land. You're a perfect example of what I was just mentioning.

EDIT: Hey sak500...I find it funny that you avoided my bluray comment. Also, stop addressing me as juuken. It's ultimolu thank you very much.

Yes, I said place is nothing but a number. But you bring up sales like 360 fanboys usually do when they're getting desperate.

Games are coming out this year and next year. Who knows, we may even hear about games coming out in 2011/2012. Do I care to elaborate? Do you want me to go there?

And just because I said they're working to bring the production costs down doesn't mean I work for Sony. They have been working to drop the production costs down. Do you want me to pull up a report showing that?

sak5003472d ago


"Place is NOTHING but a number." Yes and along with it sales as well right?

"Too many games coming out this year." You're talking about 2009 or 2010 care to elaborate?

"It's too expensive!" - And yet Sony's working their asses off to bring the production costs down. " Wow we finally got to konw you're working for sony. thanks for the headsup.

Blaze9293472d ago

the real question is, who cares? WHO REALLY CARES? Seriously. None of us work for sony nor are making any money from Sony nor are financially associated with Sony (besides buying their products) so why does any of this matter to consumers? Bragging rights? lol

JonnyBigBoss3472d ago

Agreed. The PS3 is doing great, but is just not doing as well as the other 2 did (so far!).

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gamesR4fun3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Sony's not gonna drop much if any on the ps3 slims price. One they dont have too ps3's are selling just fine. Second they need it to be more expensive than a stand alone br player. Even if Sony wasn't making stand alone br players they need more companies making them and driving up br adoption.

MaximusPrime3472d ago

ultimolu u explained it well.
I was one of the first ps3 owner. I was there at midnight launch. At that time i knew what sony was like and how they handle their business.

It has been a long time coming but sony has been dong a good job.

Blogz4Fanboys3472d ago

dont forget to collect your "i love sony/sony rules" badge on the way out. seriously, watching people writing essays in defense of a company that doesn't care anything about them or anyone else is truely disturbing...


the ps3 is a great machine, same as the 360. both have great games and exclusives, and if you're not a fanboy, and have a job and can afford both. then no true gamer should miss out on either.

these articles are a waste of time...just like the usual blogs wrote by the sony fanboys about microsoft(although, those blogs are praised and called articles, and usually reach 1000degrees of pure 360 bashing by the sony loyalists. hypocrites). the ps3 is doing good. compared to it's older brothers it isn't,, but that doesn't mean it's doomed....just that the days of sonys almost monopoly of the gaming market has been broken. which i think is a good thing. without microsoft, the psn would be a joke. competition is a good thing.

Unicron3472d ago

Blogz with a solid post, Sak still butthurt that someone doesn't like the same toy he does.

Gotta love this site. Never changes.

Headshot813472d ago

Yeah, i was looking at Sony's numbers and it's interesting how good they're doing with the ps3.Sony has a plan,and like always, it will succeed. They have to tweak their plan according to the economy, since Im sure they didn't plan for it(the economy) to be as bad as it is now. Since poeple dont have money they're steadily adjusting their product-line with complementry materials to gain some profit. The change is not happening overnight,they have to adjust things here and there, but they're sure gaining momentum and it shows that they have some smart guys up there. im not a fanboy([email protected] that), i just had good luck with SONY products, and i like what i get for my dollar.Im darn sure that alot of the "XBOTS" aren't fanbboys either, they would like s ps3 as much as the next guy, but the economy is tuff tight now, sometimes your wallet dictates what you will get,nothing wrong with that.Thats the reason why i end up selling alot 360's to parents at work($199? or $399? for a kids entertainment in this economy),and honestly alot of the people who've i sold ps3's to have been mostly 18yrs+more or the ocassional gamer dad. The age demographic plays a huge role from what ihave and continue to see. Ask yourself this:Is there more adult or kid gamers?Who buys this stuff?,it seems that mostly the older gamers are the one's that are able to get a ps3, If they choose to(i saved and got a ps3). As soon as the price drops, the ps3 will become a clearer option for parents to choose,but right now price is what makes their choice. Just my thoughts.what a read!!!

SuperM3472d ago

lol @ 360 fanboys trying to cover up the fact that 360 depsite doing alot better then the original xbox is selling at a slower pace then both the Wii and the PS3.

They bash the PS3 for its sales and then praise the 360 for the same thing even though PS3 has been selling better since it launched. Its hypocrisy at its finest.

Also bringing up PS1 and PS2 sales are totally irrelevant. These consoles launched at half the price of the PS3 and not in the middle of a global economic crisis. And just because someone isnt totally dominating the industry doesnt mean they cannot be successful. The only thing that matters in the end is to stay profitable, MS are finally starting to see some profit from the 360 and Sony is about to do the same with the PS3.

ultimolu3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Call it whatever you want to call it but I am sick of the bashing in regards to the PS3. This crap has been going on for two/three years already and it's about time it stopped.

Yeah, nobody can say anything in defense of the PS3 without being called out like you're calling me out right now.

I wasn't defending Sony to the point I have some kind of *love* for them. I said what needed to be said. You don't like it, that's not my problem. I know Sony doesn't care about me individually.

The same could be said about Microsoft, Nintendo or any other company.

Blogz4Fanboys3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

i wasn't trying to call you dont get your thong in a twist ;-)

in honesty, i'm sick of this nerd war! blogs getting wrote especially for this site, blogs attacking microsoft/sony..all wrote just for hits. the new battleground that is forza vs gran tourismo. the absolutely useless turd moderators that dont do anything. it says on the contributor test that blogs and forums posts are not news, yet the worst flame inducing rubbish left thrive.

in the last three months, the only help this sh!t site has given me in respect of buying games is this..i knew nothing of sacred2 until i stumbled into a thread. i bought that for my 360 on launch. and yesterday, i found out about demons soul for the ps3....another day one!

other than that, it's just sh!t flame war blog after flame war blog

thereapersson3472d ago

"Sure it lacks some features..."

You as a 360 fanboy have no room to talk about a console "lacking features". Get the f*** outta here with that nonsense.

Sarcasm3472d ago

Honestly, people can bash the PS3 all they want.

It's the whole "look in the other direction" act that goes on for anything Microsoft.

Overpriced HDD? Looks other way.
$100 wifi? Looks other way.
Shoddy Hardware? Looks other way.
Worst PR in history? Looks other way.
Aaron Greenberg? Looks other way.
Subscriptions & overpriced accessories? Looks other way.
Natal announced? Media goes apesh*t acting like it's the 3rd coming of Jesus. (The second coming is the 360 according to 360 fans)

The more people "Looks other way," the more Microsoft finds ways to screw the consumers while having an army of fanboys at it's disposal ready to take it in the rear and defend it til death.

Blogz4Fanboys3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

leave it out.

sony aint no angels ffs. all their pr bullsh!t and arrogance over the years...lets not forget them shoe-horning blu-ray into the ps3, slapping an absurd price tag on it, then expecting history to repeat itself.

aint no company in the business that are try and claim otherwise speaks volumes.

Yoma3471d ago

omg -uck so stupid

why the HELL would Sony sell PlayStation 3, keep the manufacturing, even though the LOSE MONEY ON EVERY SOLD??? -ucktards

thats like trading and selling for lower price than you bought item for

Syronicus3471d ago

An article that uses "logic" instead of fanboy hate! It's nice to see somebody actually look at the facts and not the silly arguments. Thanks to the author.

Tony999Montana3471d ago

Blogz; I think what sarcasm was trying to say is that microsoft can easily bashed similarly to Sony, not that Microsoft is in any way worse.

As for people who try to use sales as a recognition of how good a console is... PS3 is out selling 360 in Japan and 360 is outselling PS3 in USA. Same consoles in both countries, so how the sales argument is relevant is beyond my imagination. By your logic the PS3 is better in Japan but worse in other regions? Also, please let me know how exactly sales effects the console(s) which have already been purchased by someone. Or price drops. Why would I care about price drops, I already have what I want.

Everyone here is constantly attempting to justify their consumer insecurities. In reality it is a great time to own a PS3 or a 360 (wii too, if you're into that). Competition helps fuel the great progression which we've seen.

Rainstorm813471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Blogs just spoke on arrogance. I never hear anyone ever call MS arrogant though.?. funny because charging outrageous prices for accessories and a 50$ year price on P2P online gaming is a bit arrogant. "Shoe-horning blu-ray" was a necessary evil or PS3 games would be 4 discs and up as well. Or should sony have used outdated tech like nintendo did with the cartridge in N64 or MS did with DVD and looking at blu ray player prices at the time of PS3 launch (1000$) $600 was a steal.

People drag Sony through the mud yet accept the same if not more crap from other console devs. Aaron greenburg & Turn 10 has been extermely vocal in bashing the competition this gen, why do you need to if your "winning". Sony was/is trying to give GAMERS the next step in console evolution (future tech costs, remember $600 ipod), thats why confidence in your own product shouldnt be confused with Arrogance........& thats the word

@piratethom below

Soooo True........i couldn't agree more

PirateThom3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

I've already accepted that it doesn't matter what Sony do, no matter how many games they have, no matter how much they improve or deliver, they're never going to get a break.

Whatever though, they're already winners where it counts for a gaming company, the games.

sak5003471d ago


There is a difference between xbox fans and ps3 fans. you dont see us praising MS for the dumb things it has done like overpriced peripherals. Initially we bashed it for LIVE service but since its tons better and cost's peanuts we come to love it. Also the RROd is also major put off for xbox and we acknowledge it. UNLIKe ps3 lovers who will bash the article of YLOD even if its from PS only site. They also will love the delays announced for games and love being in beta indefinately for home.

If you can fathom that than you can see why we have to jump in and do the needful ;)

Anon19743471d ago

Blogz4Fanboys commented "just like the usual blogs wrote by the sony fanboys about microsoft(although, those blogs are praised and called articles, and usually reach 1000degrees of pure 360 bashing by the sony loyalists"

Wow. Does that really happen? Because I can't find them. These Microsoft bashing blogs must be in the weeks top news, right?
Odd. I don't see one. I see plenty of PS3 bashing articles, some "Sony should STFU," articles, an article about how "Every PS3 owner needs a 360," and much much more...but oddly not one single article in the top news that's bashing Microsoft.

I guess you meant some other weeks, eh?

ABizzel13471d ago

I was going to write this huge post, but it was too long, so here.

All the consoles are doing good. Wii sold an average of 20.6 million console per year, PS3 sold an average of 9 million console per year, 360 sold an average of 9 million console per year. So call the PS3 a failure is calling the 360 a failure. Not to mention the PS3 had competition from 2 consoles since it's launch the 360 had a whole year head start to itself. Again all the systems are doing fine, so stop the hating.

Blogz4Fanboys3471d ago

are you seriously going to sit there and say that there's never any blogs wrote attacking the 360?? seriously?

what about the frequent rubbish from thegameraccess, badassgamerblog, mikegotgame, gamer.blorge and all the other sh!t-owned-by-a-fanboy blog sites??

now i know your very much a champion of sony and loyal soldier(even going as far as writing a blog about microsofts very sad) but even you cant deny that n4g is a hotbed of flameware blogs with just a smidgen of real news.

the difference is, blogs that attck sony have the majority of the community frothing at the mouth and all up in arms. whilst blogs that attack the 360 or microsoft are defended and called the hypocrisy on here is astounding.

hit the disagree button as much as you want kiddies, it doesn't change the facts. but the real gamers(like you try to call yourself rite) know the score.

The Lazy One3471d ago

the PS3 doesn't even have that many sold yet, let alone in march.

and lol @ "THIS IS NOT A FORUM POST" if you don't want your blog to look like a forum post, post it in a blog, not on a forum.

rockleex3471d ago

Plus 10 PSP bashing articles, plus 10 Bluray bashing articles, plus 10 articles on why the PS2 should be stopped from production, plus 10 articles on how Sony lied and how Sony PR needs to STFU.

a_squirrel3471d ago

'Everyone knows sony is behind'

Yeah right, they are supporting 3 consoles. Not 1, not 2, 3, and not failing with any of them, is an success.

Microsoft ONLY has ONE console, and what happened? RROD error, hacking, blah blah

Nintendo has 2 consoles which are both doing best (not saying they are 'the best'), that puts microsoft to shame.

Combined, Nintendo just pantsed microsoft and spread nasty rumors about sony, while sony pushed microsoft into a puddle of a shameful Vista, and RROD errors (in comparison with a schoolyard)




Anon19743471d ago

And all the little private message tirades in the world aren't going to change that. Look at the articles that hit 1000. Not one 360 bashing article. Not a single one. Plenty of PS3 bashing in the top stories, but you've been proved wrong.

Take it like a man. Personally, I don't give a lick for your annoying console wars, I game on both the 360/PS3 and PC, but you certainly appear to fit the bill of the flip side of the fanboy coin. And if the shoe fits..

Tarasque3471d ago

Ok for people that for some reason can not understand the PS3 is dying articles and the other blah blah stuff. For the past 2 genrations sony has had their way in the console business, so they are considered the champs so to speak. Well they are in last place this gen so they are going to get more flak. Just like anything else sports or whatever. If you idiot fanboys liked your console so much you wouldnt care what anyone says about your big black box. I mean all the articles wont never change my mind of what i think of any console nor the fanboy logic or crying and whining. I have them all and i have my thoughts of each one, no article will change that.

tplarkin73471d ago

Compared to the PS2, the PS3 is a disaster. Sony would have been better off passing on this generation.

HolaTarola3471d ago

Compared to the PS2 the Xbox 360 is also a disaster, in fact compared to the PlayStation 2 EVERY console in history is a disaster, your comment is just plain stupid..

Like it or not, the SONY's PlayStation 2 is the BEST console in history.

JHUX3471d ago

ehh..The hate here is pretty equal on both sides, with there probably being a few more than 360 fanboys, but 360fanboys got about 20 accounts each to make up for lack of numbers. I do notice quite a few more ps3 bashing articles though, and it's always been this way since the ps3 came out.

edgeofblade3471d ago

Here is the low down.

PS3 is doing good.
360 is doing better.
Wii is doing the best.

Now, if you can't handle that fact, you are a juvenile little dipsh!t. If you can't be content to simply know that your chosen console is doing some degree of "good", then you have issues.

Can't we just put things in a positive light be be done with it?

aaron58293471d ago


All consoles are doing good...

But who wins ?

Me !

I got it all baby ! :D

JL3471d ago

I do have to give you credit. That might be some of the most subtle fanboyism I've ever seen on this site (then again, that's not saying much). Kudos for that.

"imagine if there were no exclusives the 360 would be useless because it doesnt have blu ray..."
Umm that might have been one of the stupidest things I've read on here. It would be useless without exclusives for the most part (or rather, would end up becoming irrelevant. However, ps3 would be just as useless without exclusive games too. Blu-ray wouldn't save that. Especially since there are cheaper BR players on the market. And PS3 couldn't stand alone as a movie player anyways, just like 360 couldn't stand alone as a movie player with the, still very popular, DVDs.

I do agree with you. It is always about numbers (except the numbers that work against their plight) that fanboys resort to in order to bash the PS3 with. Which is sad really. That and those other go-to-comments that you retorted against very well I think. Another thing I want to add though is just a lil food for thought: Sony, as of last January (a year and a half since launch--we'll say), had dropped $200 off the production cost. Now a year and a half later, wonder what they've really cut off the production costs by now. I mean, I don't know what all goes into it or anything, but just saying, something to think about. It would seem almost unfeasible that they wouldn't have been able to shave off at least that last $50 in that same time frame that they shaved $200 off. And Ultimo, I understand people bash you for "defending" Sony and will admit you might get a bit "enthusiastic" about it at times. But after standing face-to-face with all the bashing over so many years now, I can understand where that comes from.

"You're talking about 2009 or 2010 care to elaborate?"
PS3 and Xbox360 have pretty much the same amount of exclusives coming out for 2009.
Also, difference between xbox and ps3 fans? xbox fans will continue to support shoddy design and make excuses for their favorite company. They'll let them skate on anything even when they're coming up with nothing new, just going around buying everyone else's ideas, not trying to add to the industry, but rather just suck up and control everything that's there and try to take it over as they're own. Also us ps3 fans wouldn't praise Sony for their great gaming lineup if they made us wait til only the last few months of the year to even play anything worth a d*mn. See how easy it was to spin that? By the way, Xbox fans always try to play off RROD. And when do you see ps3 fans praising Sony for dumb stuff? What dumb stuff did they do that they got praise for? And for the record, ps3 fans don't deny YLOD, what they respond to with enthusiasm is when xbox fanboys run in trying to blow things out of proportion and end up trying to make out like YLOD is even remotely close to the problem of RROD.

Agreed. The sales/business side of things shouldn't matter to us. However, I'd say we're all pretty avid gamers here and as such we take interest in "behind-the-scenes" type stuff like this. The problem is people take it way too far (ie those bragging rights you mentioned).

"the other 2"?
Are you referring to the other two Playstations? Then I'd agree. But honestly, should that be something that people hold against the PS3? I mean you can't break records every time around. And this PS3 slower start thing probably also has alot to do with a very strong competitor in MS and Nintendo also returning to glory, so to speak.

See above. Can't always set records. Just because they're not topping PS2 sales or something, doesn't mean they're doing bad by any means. One could do very very good and still not top the PS2.

I agree. I think most longtime Sony/PS fans/consumers know they Sony definitely knows how to handle themselves. And they, like they've mentioned MANY times, are very good long-term planners/thinkers. And they've proven that over many many years. Thus they've had our trust from the beginning even when things were rough and they're beginning to definitely show why they've earned that trust.

First, don't get onto people about "defending". Cause that "defending" is no worse than subtle bashing which I've seen you do. I mean you tend to be fairly level-headed most of the time from what I've seen but you definitely have a "loyalty" that shines through. Rather, a preference. I've seen you doing plenty of belittling "sony fanboys" but never chastising the other side..just saying. By the way, enough with the "true gamer" crap. I'm tired of seeing that. Though several times you do contribute at least valid points to things. Also, don't gripe about the flamebait stuff when you're right here in the thick of it. And don't blame it on mods either. It's people like you that are the reason these articles are here, I mean the mods are going to let what the people want to stay stay, and obviously stuff like this is what people want on some level, because this is what everybody pays the most attention to (i'm not excluding myself here by the way). But stuff like flamebait articles being here isn't to be blamed on the mods so much. Also has alot to do with people approving them, and then people not having the will to stay out of said articles once they're up, but instead going in and commenting and driving that hotness level up. Also, no Sony isn't innocent, but not many companies are as bad as MS, I mean just look at their history. Anybody that's been around for more than 10years, keeping an eye on this stuff, knows that MS is as underhanded as they come really. I'd also like to add: shoe-horning blu-ray? Arrogance? Absurd price tag? First let's address the price tag. How was it absurd? They were LOSING money on the console when it came out, so obviously it WASN'T absurd. I can't even begin to see how you'd think that. High? Yes. Absurd? Not at all. Not considering what it came with. As for the blu-ray: that's how all technology is pretty much advanced. Corporations push the technology. They find ways to get it into the market and try advancing it. You say that like it's a bad thing. Sony has long since been advancing technology, and shoe-horning, or whatever you want to call it, it's good for the industry. And last...arrogance. C0cky? sure. Confident with reason? yes. But why shouldn't they be? I mean that's what happens when you sit at the top so long, you become confident. Going around claiming you're amazing, cause guess what? They ARE amazing obviously. I mean sure maybe they came in to this generation a bit too arrogant and thought they were going to just jump ahead no problem. But once they saw that wasn't the case, they quickly realized "oh we messed up, let's readjust this strategy here" and they did readjust. I don't see you bashing MS for all their arrogance and chest-beating spin nowadays.

Agreed. Sony always has long term plans and they're very good at that. That's been proved many many years now and it's why Sony has gained the trust of so many people. That being said, you're also right about the 360 being more of the "figurehead" (for lack of better word) for the HD generation. It helped itself out by getting in first and getting that price down quick with not-so-advanced tech that could drop the price quick. Thus enabling them to quickly get in as the console choice for parents just looking to spend as little money as possible to buy a "toy" for their kids.

Well I think the fact that 360 is selling ALOT better than the original xbox is a HUGE win for MS. I mean they've already outsold they're last console. And they've jumped from a pity case of sorts last gen to a definite contender this year. So they've definitely done huge things as far as penetrating the market. I think it just gets taken way too far at times. It's like the kid who gets beat up all the time (with last xbox as far as popularity/sales/etc), then one day he gets in a fight, he gets in one good lucky pop that takes the guy down(360 penetrating the market effectively), then after that you'll never hear the end of it from that kid as he runs around telling the story, talking/acting like he's the biggest kid on the block, talking crap about everyone. Then of course you get the other kid on the block (the sony loyalist who knows in the grand scheme of things who the big dog really is and who the "new kid on the block" is) who finally gets tired of the new kid going around bashing everything and everyone just because that made good one time around, thus these kids end up tired of getting picked on and end up fighting and yelling back. That's pretty much the metaphor for the state of our console war at this point. Also I agree, ps1 and ps2 have nothing to do with this, in reality, and people should stop making those comparisons really or expecting the ps3 to live up to the legend of the ps2 and thinking it's a failure if it doesn't. As long as the two companies make money and have a following (which both definitely do--fanbase that is) then I think they're fine with it. As far as making money, not sure how much that price cut and warranty extensions have put MS back so don't know where they are in terms of profit. However, I'd almost be surprised if Sony actually isn't at the very very least breaking even on the PS3. With all their talk of "we're focusing more on making profit" speeches lately in retort to price drop rumors, and considering they were already close to $400 production cost over a year ago, I'd almost think they're making money off the ps3 right now and they're just trying to hold off the price cut as long as they can to make some of that money back before going back to a non-profitable state on the system when they do price cut.

I'll agree for the most part. I don't deny it and I never try to hide the fact that I hate MS as a company. From far too ruthless and underhanded schemes to shoddy work and products. I do NOT think they should be thriving as they do, yet they continue to skate by. However, I WILL have to disagree with you on one thing. MS's PR? Second to none really. I mean how do you think they get away with all this stuff. Even you said it yourself: all the "look the other way" stuff. I mean if ever there was a model to go by for PR, MS sets that standard by miles on end. I would never take that from them. They really can't be touched in that department.

What? English please. Let's get some coherent sentences in there. Are you bashing Sony for losing money on each console sold? If you are, are you new to this? Oh you must be one of those lil kids that just joined the gaming community this generation or something. I'm sorry to inform you though, selling consoles at a loss is the standard in this industry (at least for the first part of a console's lifetime) and has been going on for forever now. Go away. Learn something. Start with English and grammar.

Unfortunately I have to disagree with you. Not because I disagree with what this "article" says, because I actually do. However, this is nothing that hasn't been said a million times already (even though media and fanboys and all that still continue to ignore it). And to be quite honest, I'd have to say this "author" had no intention really of setting the record straight, it was just more fuel for the fire and a means to get attention.

Pretty logical contribution there. And I'd say I agree with all that. Especially the whole thing about why does a price drop matter. I have no idea why it concerns most people here. Doesn't effect me, I already have my PS3. It only effects those that want one. And I know someone will give the argument "well more customers equals more support" yes, that's true. But only to an extent. It's like the concept of saturation point. And quite honestly I'd say we're there (or at least very close). Both consoles have sold well to this point and it's not like one or the other is suddenly going to stop selling period. So I don't think sales at this point matter, they're both going to get support. Plain and simple. Neither have sold so few that that support is in question.

Very true. See my above comment for my view on that. Alot bash Sony for arrogance but will let MS slide now. Call it down the line people.

Agreed. The top dog will always be the target of lashing out. And it seems obvious to me that Sony and the PS brand still have the stigma as the leaders in the industry (maybe not this generation of consoles right now, but in the industry as a whole) so at least that hasn't been taken away. And that's just proven in all the bashing they get, plus everybody wanting to beat them all the time and everything pretty much being directed towards them. I mean it's quite obvious Sony has set the bar and the standard for greatness in the gaming industry. As of right now I think people are tired of seeing them sit on top (or people just like instigating stuff) so they see MS has a chance against them this year and they spur that flame on. Sony's answer so far has seemed to be "keep pumping out quality. eventually they'll come around" and it seems very very slowly that that might be working.

I don't think you can honestly sit there and say Microsoft bashing articles NEVER happen. Cause that would just be ignorant. I'm sure I've seen them. But I will agree that they don't get here NEARLY as much as Sony bashing articles. Probably something like 100:1 ratio or something outrageous like that. But they do exist.

Right. All consoles are doing well, but everybody always wants to find every lil thing that they can use to brag about and bash the "other side" for. Getting ridiculous what things they use as ammunition too. From sales (which are actually the same if not a bit better on a year to year basis for ps3) to silly things like graphic "blemishes" that would otherwise go unnoticed unless specifically looking for with fine-toothed comb and magnifying glass.

@The Lazy One
Ah, always the valuable contributor lol He's wrong? Show me then, cause everything I've ever read has said that exact thing: 22.something million consoles sold as of the end of the 2008 fiscal year.

I think there are actually far too many variables and things to look at that you could actually put the three console makers into an order as simply as that.

Nothing anybody says on here IS going to make me not like my PS3. That's not the point though. Nobody said that was happening. This is just debate, both sides of the argument are going to be presented. That being said, don't try to justify PS3 is dying articles. Sure Sony hasn't sold as well yet as last gen, but big deal? No console has EVER been as successful as the PS2. No big deal. Yes MS has gained ground since last gen and Sony is off to a slower start than last gen. But this is this gen. and to say one or the other is dying is absolutely ludicrous. Plain and simple. Sony are the champs. And still are apparently, at least as far as stigma and reputation go. You can't fault them because they don't break records everytime they come out. That would be like (we'll use your sport analogy), saying that if Chipper Jones doesn't meet or exceed his .364 record-setting average this year that he hit last year then he sucks or something. That if he hits only, say.....350, then he's falling off or something. Just ignorant.

I don't think I need to say anymore. Hola said it perfectly. EVERY console in comparison to the PS2 is a disaster. PS2 is just the best console in history. You can't make that comparison.

Yea, I'd say the fanboys is pretty much equal on here. Wouldn't say hate on here if I'm including media hate though. Cause it's clear the media has a hard-on for getting at Sony this generation.

No. You have it wrong. The correct answer is this:
PS3 and 360 are both doing real good.
Wii is just doing ungodly good and nobody can begin to deny them.
Leave it at that.

iPirates3471d ago

Wow, that was quite the lengthy reply, well done lol.

Agreed on most points.

JL3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Thanks Pirate. You should actually get a reward or something for reading all that lol. When I get going, I guess I go off really. Apparently somebody didn't like it though, I'm pretty sure I lost a bubble for it (oh no!!!) lol. Actually didn't realize how long it was til I just now looked back over that. Damn, not even I would read all of that most of the time. lol

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Stryfeno23472d ago

It is...It's holding 3rd place down. No one will come and take it from Sony. Good Job Ps3.

TheDeadMetalhead3472d ago

360 at 2 1/2 years: 19 million
PS3 at 2 1/2 years: 23 million

You were saying?

Stryfeno23472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

That is some damn good numbers but tell me which console is in second place as of today? I dare

EDIT: The reason the Ps3 sold faster than the 360 is because of brand loyalty...Like I said if you want to play numbers, when all said is done the Ps3 is still in 3rd place. Fact is fact.

I've been hearing about the PS3 will catch up since launched...Headstart? Why don't you complain to Sony about the 360s headstart.

Tinted Eyes3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

360 has more total sales but as metalhead just said it sells at a faster rate and finish with almost the same sales numbers yearly

acting like you care about sales is sad because im sure when you look at the xbox magazine and see it has no games you say "oh well at least it sold more than the ps3"

gamers play games and the 360 aint got it

TheDeadMetalhead3472d ago

The only reason that the 360 is ahead is because it had a one year headstart (fanboys always seem to conveniently forget that). Too bad it won't help when the PS3 catches up.

sak5003472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

@deadmetal dont know the figs u mentioned came out of urs or sony's @ss but....

360 at 2 1/2 years: 19 million (WITH 20million xbox following)
PS3 at 2 1/2 years: 23 million (WITH 120million PS1/2 following)

You were saying?

TheDeadMetalhead3472d ago

So because you have no argument, you're resorting to something completely unrelated? Well done. =/

ultimolu3472d ago


Place ain't nothing but a number.

And DeadMetal is right. If the PS3 should have a pricecut now, it'll wipe the floor with the 360, considering that it's selling faster than the 360 was selling at the same timeframe.

Try spinning that.

saimcheeda3472d ago

the xbots dont have a comeback so they say some nonsense!!i still cant beleive after all this time they cant realise that xbox 360 is ahead because of the 1 year headstart!!...sak500's comment made me laugh!!

The Killer3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

PS3 is dead -> the best games in the world is coming on it.

PS3 is finished -> just outsold the 360 in some months.

PS3 is expansive -> actually u would need 500$ and more for the 360 to have the features that ps3 have and the XBOX Live keeps it going only up.

PS3 have no games -> they have every year much more exclusives and superior games that the 360 cant handle or dream to have.

PS3 have bad multiplatform games -> for the past year most game or equal and in some cases better on ps3 and other cases better on 360.

PS3 is doomed with blue ray -> actually blue ray is the next DVD and is helping with ps3 sales and to provide superior gaming experience.

PS3 is just bad -> actually it is more reliable and safer for the human life and environment and makes less noise than 360.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3472d ago

You can't have a Positive PS3/SONY Article on or on the internet!!! ;-D

360 at 2 1/2 years: 19 million ;-D ;-D ;-D (is that all???)
PS3 at 2 1/2 years: 23 million ;-P ;-P ;-P (that is AMAZING for it's still High Price)

OmarJA3471d ago

LMAO! poor bots, the only thing keeps the 360 selling is the price & RROD nothing else & it's can't even beat the Wii on it's homeland...

Cry me a river bots.

AngryTypingGuy3471d ago

It was brand loyalty that caused many people to initially get PS3. But didn't the 360 outsell the PS3 these past two years?

Price does play a part in the console wars, and the PS3 will close the gap when it becomes more affordable, but it will still most likely stay in third place. Even if it passes the 360, it won't be by much, and the PS3 will never be the juggernaut that the PS2 was.

MS should be proud for all it has accomplished in two generations, and beating Sony (or at least staying ahead for this long) in only its second attempt.

talltony3471d ago

"The reason the Ps3 sold faster than the 360 is because of brand loyalty"
It sold more with competition at 600 dollars, which is how much more than a 360??

Erotic Sheep3471d ago

Aaah Sak, now I remember why I had you on ignore. You have the logic of an arse.

RockmanII73471d ago

#1.09 said "You would need 500$ and more for the 360 to have the features that ps3 have and the XBOX Live keeps it going only up". But #1.10 said "PS3 at 2 1/2 years: 23 million (that is AMAZING for it's still High Price). So which one is more expensive???

Traveler3471d ago

Why is this so hard for some of you to understand? You guys see some kind of contradiction where there isn't any. The 360 is in fact the more expensive console when you factor in all of the hidden costs, but to many consumers all they see is the initial price tag. This has the effect of making the 360 appear to be the cheaper console, thus helping sell more units.

There is no contradiction. When people talk about the 360 being more expensive, they are talking about the overall costs of ownership. When they talk about the 360 being cheaper they are talking about the initial price tag that many consumers respond to. Unfortunately, many consumers are not well informed.

infekt3471d ago

No need to argue with children, gentlemen. Most of the xboxs were bought by parents for their kids because it was the cheapest console and because the units kept RRODing. I bet a substantial amount of these xb360 "sales" are replacement units.

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KionicWarlord2223472d ago

Very interesting...

Ill have to write this down.

*scribbles on paper*

spec_ops_comm3471d ago

I believe we are witnessing one of the most complex business structures in video game console history. Something that could only be operated by a company as experienced as Sony.

Sony definitely knew they would lose $250 per console.. I bet they even predicted they would still be losing ~$50 today. But, in order to sell such impressive hardware at a competitive price, Sony has been selling the PS3 at huge losses while relying on the PS2's 10 year life cycle to recoup these losses.

It's amazing how intertwined the PS2 and PS3 business cycles are. With the PS3 slim and a price cut, Sony is starting to look real good 3 years in the future in terms of sales and profits. And it was all part of their plan from day one.

40cal3471d ago

"As of March 31st, 2009, the PS3 had sold 22.91 million units worldwide, while the Xbox 360 sold 30.2 million units. That's a lead of approximately 7 million. But when the PS3 first launched, the 360 had sold 10 million units (since it had a one year headstart). That means that since the PS3 launch, the 360's lead has shrunk by 3 million units."

"Now let's look at the last-gen consoles. In their lifetimes, the Gamecube sold 21.74 million units, and the original Xbox 24 million. With the PS3 at 23 million, that means that it has sold the same amount as the Gamecube and Xbox in about half the time."

But still when the NPD numbers come in again the fanboys will act like they are the be all end all of the industry.


well said sir, finally someone admits Sony are doing a good job. And your not even a PS3 site! Nice to know europe-nintendo aren't to arrogant as to dismiss PS3 but give it its merits. Wii still sucks though...

Mr Remington3472d ago

Why does everybody keep referring to Sony as a plural?

There is only one Sony.

"Holy crap, look at all those Sony! Sony are everywhere!!!"

No, you twats. Sony is doing this, or Sony is doing that.

Traveler3472d ago

Quit being so uptight. It depends on how you conceptualize it-- as a singular entity or as a group of people. It is quite common to use the plural when talking about a company. Do a google search and you will see that both ways are common.


I refer to them as one becuase they are a whole, Sony are one company with many divisions.

a_squirrel3471d ago

ARG! But are means more than one (more than one company)
Is means one, (as in one company)

You is probably someone who are always using is and are in the worng places

The Lazy One3471d ago

they're using the royal plural.

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nobiggy3472d ago

here here