5 Reasons Some Gamers Resist Motion Controls

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At this point it's starting to get old, and it's starting to become annoying. People complaining vehemently about the continued rise of motion controls in gaming, and acting as if their disdain and negativity holds any weight against the coming tide.

But what's the deal with the almost malicious opposition? Why are some gamers so angry that Nintendo's Wii is so successful, and Sony and Microsoft will soon have extensive motion control options of their own? Here are 5 reasons Gamers resist Motion controls:

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ShinMaster3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

I didn't know Halo was supposed to be "hardcore". All this time I thought it was just a game.
I don't believe in "hardcore" gaming. Just gaming. People should stop segregating themselves.

Motion controls won't replace the classic control system. At least not for a while.

Playing with motion controls won't make you lose weight or keep you fit. That was never the point of videogames. So if people are overweight or out of shape, is not because of videogames. It's because they haven't done anything else for themselves.

If companies want to tap into more casual audiences in by pulling people in with motion controls, then great.
But it's just something I won't go for. Not because I'm "hardcore", but because it's not my thing and honestly, I find it pointless when I can do the same action with the push of a button.

PirateThom3471d ago

Three reasons why motion controls suck:

1. They don't work as well as a normal controller and, in many cases, are a lot worse by substituting simple button presses for ridiuclous movements
2. Most people play games to relax, not to wave their arms around
3. They don't improve gaming experiences

ShinMaster3471d ago

1. yes
2. yes
3. yes


ChickeyCantor3470d ago

". They don't improve gaming experiences"

Depends on the game.
I could list some few examples but won't bother.

But anyone who believes the classic controller will go away is a lunatic.

doctorstrange3471d ago

But I have my reservations, many games are not suited for motion controls, the Wii has shown many flaws in the motion controls, and how the lure of the casual market can damage games. Oh, and I am lazy - so what, I play games to relax, not work out.

Nelson M3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

In the Picture
Shoutin to his Fat assed mom
"Hey mom will you bring me a big tub of chocolate ice cream. my big fat ass needs some comforting cause i just got The RRoD "

cmrbe3471d ago

Motion controllers is not suited for most games. Imagine trying to kill 500 enemies in a typical fps or action adventure game. Half way through I am sure most gamers would want to simply just press a button to slash/shoot to kill an enemy. Motion controllers is suited for very games like wii sports with very simple and short gameplay becuase most people I doubt can't cope slashing 500 enemies in gow 3 for a whole 10 hours.

I joked to my older brother who loves the wii. I told him why he wants to go backwards LOL. Since the dawn of time human race have been trying to autmate work to make life simpler. Think about it, pressing a button with your fingers is so much simpler than swinging your arm to hit a ball, why go backwards LOL

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