Splinter Cell: The Movie

It seems some folks are going Splinter Cell potty and perhaps have too much time on their hands. Msxbox-World has made a full length Splinter Cell movie for fans of the old days (2004). Something to watch on a rainy afternoon perhaps.

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crimsonfox3470d ago

man...i saw a teaser for the movie one time in theaters...never again...
is my memory correct

Tompkins3469d ago

Yep there was that trailer - 'you've played the game now watch the movie'. I personally think it was just a PR stunt.

kewlkat0073469d ago

but it would remind me a lot like a bourne identity if they based it off the 3rd installment of the game.

PHOSADRA3469d ago

They have a trailer for this movie in their Chaos Theory game. Chaos Theory is so old, I thought they cancelled the movie.

Dmitry Orlov3469d ago

yeah, Chaos Theory was so long ago.. but still one of my most favourite stealth games :)
on topic: if the movie (official one) scores to the theaters, i hope it won't be trash

FantasyStar3469d ago

It's a good watch and definitely stirs some memories for SC-fans of old.

FantasyStar3469d ago

These SC movies remind me of just how far ahead SC was in terms of tech. The use of Dynamic Shadows back last-gen was a huge thing. And if I recall, SC was the first console game to use those shadows. Now everyone's using those kinds of shadows now this-gen.

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