WiiDS: Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward Review

Overall, the game itself is not that bad and makes a good attempt at a Hospital themed game. They need to sort out the problem with clicking on items. It also doesn't seem to gradually get harder, it seems to suddenly get harder, so you go from quite an easy time, to being well over your head without any real stepping stone in the middle. When you do complete a hard level, that's when you get a real good sense of achievement, but until then it can seem slightly "same old same old". The comical style to the voice-overs and cartoon style artwork makes it a good game to have a laugh with.

+ Addictive style game play makes for an enjoyable play.
+ Lots of weird and wonderful treatment apparatus to discover.
+ Got to love some of the jokes.
+ If you loved Dinner Dash, you'll probably love this.

- Click to select control is infuriatingly inaccurate.
- Not very customisable, only in the slots to where things are put.
- No replay value once a level is completed.
- On some old TVs (remember the ones with huge backa to them?), text is impossible to read

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