Cubed3: Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward Review

Cubed3 writes: "Have you ever had the urge to see what it would be like to be an overworked nurse in an absurdly busy hospital which couldn't function for even a day without you? No, because you're probably sane. Nevertheless, that's just the experience Oxygen Games has brought to the Wii in the form of Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward.

The basic concept is simple enough: you play the role of a nurse whose job it is to usher patients around the hospital, collect and deliver prescriptions, clean up, and so on. All of this is achieved by use of the Wii remote. Pointing and clicking at patients allows them to be dragged around the hospital and dropped in the correct areas. The simplest patients, for example, only need to be dragged twice: firstly to the 'Triage Dept.' for diagnosis, and a secondly to the required location where they can be healed (an operating table, a simple bed, or any number of wacky machines). Other patients may require multiple treatments, however..."

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