MLB O7:The Show Gameplay Videos

Here are two new MLB 07:The Show(PS3)gameplay videos that Gametrailers has just released.MLB 07:The Show coming out for the Playstation 3 on May 15.

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StrboyM4193d ago

looks cool, but mlb2k7 beats the crap outta it......

weekapaugh4193d ago

MLB2k7 blows in my opinion, the game play is horrible and fielding is ackward at times. however the annoucers are so seamless, if you are in another room you'd swear it was a real game.

SmokeyMcBear4193d ago

yeah i agree about the commentary on 2k7.. my cousin from another country was how realistic and true to action the commentary was.. that and the simple fact that where she is from, all the games have joe morgan and that other guy as commentators, so it seemed more like real life. I do agree about the fielding though.. it can be really crappy, i've been waiting to buy a baseball game cuz i wanted to compare the two.. the feature with being a prospect and growing with the leage sounds interesting.. i like that about madden in that aspect.

Bill Gates4192d ago

I like this series alot. Of all the baseball games the show is my best. I can't wait to pick this up and play it on a big screen with