GCM: Cross Edge Review

GCM writes: "Video game mash-ups are more and more inevitable as the years go by. Square and Disney gave us Kingdom Hearts, Capcom and Marvel have their own fighter, and Nintendo has their widely popular Smash Bros franchise. All of these titles speak for themselves by the truckload. So when Cross Edge, a PS3 RPG title featuring characters from Capcom, Gust Co., Namco Bandai Games, Idea Factory and Nippon Ichi Software landed on my desk I rather had high hopes. All of these companies have good games, some even bordering on fantastic, so I couldn't wait to give Cross Edge a try."

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Whut3469d ago

crappy game all over. Hopefully the Xbox360 version with the new content will be better.

thereapersson3469d ago

If it's a crappy game all over, extra content won't change the core gameplay much. You're really reaching.