Guardian: First look at Batman: Arkham Asylum

Guardian writes: "OK, confession time: I didn't like Batman Begins or The Dark Knight. I know, I know, I've committed cinematic sacrilege by way of my admission, plus I'm fully aware I'm part of a clearly incorrect minority, but for me Christopher Nolan's films were too straight and too serious, too grounded in realism for me to enjoy."

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Christopher3471d ago

But the author just rubs me the wrong way. Doesn't seem like the person this game is directed regardless of his enthusiasm towards the game.

I can't get past him not liking the latest Batman movies, but then to go on to talk about how Batman is about being dark and gloomy is kind of weird. That is what Batman is, which is who you play in this game. That's who he was in the movies as well. The part where there's light and sunshine out is when you see Bruce Wayne. When you see the person who isn't hiding in shadows but is standing out in the brightest of lights so that you don't think he's the one that also skulks around in shadows.

And, desaturated hues is very key on with the latest renditions of Batman. It's not Nolan's direction, it's the direction of Batman for the last 10+ years in general. It's how Batman is envisioned in a real-world rather than an animated world where you are intended to use starkly contrasting tones to put just as much emphasis on how dark batman is compared to the real world at all times.

Anyway, the game seems to have a lot of potential, I think I just need to wait for someone who doesn't rub me the wrong way to do another write up.


Kleptic3471d ago

I totally agree...

if you didn't like Nolan's batman films...then you shouldn't like any batman films...the Dark Knight was actually way more similar to the original Burton batman film than many would realize at first...Burton's is of course a lot more campy and cheesy at times, but the overall tone of Batman, Wayne, and especially, the Joker, are very similar...

and then there is Batman Returns, which I am one of the few that didn't care for...Batman Forever was simply watchable but easily forgettable...and Batman and Robin was one of the worst 'summer blockbusters' ever created...topping even Armageddon on the suckage meter...

but I loved Batman Begins and TDK...i liked how it set up that 'if batman was real, this is how it would be'...and it holds for the joker in the second film too...batman is basically a friggin' ninja billionaire...and the joker is just a crazy guy that puts face paint on, but more than anything is simply smarter than most of his enemies and allies...

but if you take the darkness and eeriness out of end up with batman and robin...something that no true fan of the series should have any reason to enjoy...and I'm glad this game seems to hold to that, even if it is a step backwards from realism and much more of a comic spin off than anything...