Important Importables: Buying Japanese (game) music from iTunes

Gamertell has posted an article that explains how to purchase Japanese game music via iTunes.

From the article:

"Unfortunately, direct downloads of video game soundtracks and Japanese rock or pop music aren't that prevalent yet. For many people, the best way to go is straight to the source - iTunes Japan.

The Japanese iTunes store has tons of music waiting to be downloaded. Tracks from your favorite video games or obscure Japanese artists. There's just one catch, you have to have a Japanese iTunes account to access all of it. And, to have a Japanese iTunes account, you must have a Japanese mailing address and a Japanese credit card or iTunes music card. Fortunately, creating an account isn't a terribly difficult task."

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Myst3473d ago

Oh thank goodness I found out about this now, was going to go study abroad in a year and this could be helpful. Being that my soundtrack is composed of OSTs as well as Jpop and Jrock, with a little bit of Trance here and there. Guess I'll create the account while over there though...