Guitar Hero 5 Complete Track List

While it's not really known who the leaker is or how he/she got the track list, but I think we can be fairly certain, nay ULTRA CERTAIN that the following 85 songs are indeed the real complete track listing for Activion's Guitar Hero 5...

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vicskim3473d ago

pretty good. but Sweating bullets! really! c'mon now. atleast give us something off of Rust In Peace.
and i was expecting something a bit better from Rush. Maybe an instrumental, like la villa strangiato. oh well

xjoshbx3473d ago

I'm glad the bush track is one of their earlier ones...Comedown is an awesome song.

rawrockkillz3473d ago

I do enjoy playing me some Rock Band or Guitar Hero but there are just WAY to many of these games.

housegroove763473d ago

wow, truly a disappointing set list, guess Im skipping on this one.

One thing caught my eye though. Dont get me wrong I really really like Stevie Wonder, he's one of the greatest musicians alive but he doesn't belong in Guitar Hero. I really dont see "Superstitious" working out. Its basically keyboards and trumpets.