Review: Dawn of Discovery...A Whole New World (TGH)

TGH writes:
"In a nutshell, "Dawn of Discovery" is a blend of City Builder and Real Time Strategy games. You're put in charge of creating your own empire by discovering new islands, creating settlements, and then using the island's resources to suit the needs of your subjects. At first they will start out as lowly and poor peasants, barely surviving and requiring small amounts of attention. Once their initial needs are satisfied, they will upgrade to higher societal classes, which will not only increase their needs, but also increase your wealth courtesy of higher taxes.

It may sound a bit complicated, and to some degree it is, but what makes it work so well together is the streamlined interface, and the campaign mode. The campaign serves as an overblown, and very involved tutorial. At first you'll start with the basics such, like setting up a central market for your peasants' houses to congregate around, and creating a lumber yard to harvest trees. As you progress through the campaign, it will slowly..."

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