Why APB could change the face of gaming forever

From PS3 Attitude: "Though still not officially coming to the PS3, yesterday marked a particular milestone in the constantly evolving landscape of gaming.

It wasn't a grandiose statement, a price-cut or yet another exclusive jumping from one console to the other; in fact, if anything, it was almost underplayed.

During a twenty minute presentation from Dave Jones at Develop09 on the upcoming crime-caper APB, we witnessed a game that could potentially revolutionise how we play games in the future – and on what hardware..."

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monkey nuts3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

A well written article, a rare thing these days here on N4G. And it actually contains information regarding a new game? Shocker! I'll have to keep this game on my radar, it sounds like its going to be a goodun. Dave Jones has a reputable history when it comes to quality games, so fingers crossed eh.