Microsoft Games Division in deep doo-doo?

Doo-doo - that's what everyone's four year-old cousin would call it. It's basically a childish euphemism for excrement or for a bad, bad situation.'s Nick Germain notes that while Sony is getting a whole lot of bad press for all of their problems with the PlayStation 3, he wonders why the press has been very kind to Microsoft. This kindness has been forthcoming despite the fact that, when you look at their expenditures, it seems Microsoft's Home and Entertainment Division is in deep doo-doo.

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power of Green 4287d ago

Hell Yah! it takes money to take down the Monopoly Sony had on the industry matter of fact it was so powerful Nintendo did not want to take a risk competing with Sony and Nintendo made a move thats proving to be working so far" even though it seems riskyer than straight forward competition with Sony in the long run.

QuackPot4286d ago (Edited 4286d ago )

Playstation may have been the dominant system for the last decade, but Sony never exercised monopolistic practises to force out the competition to maintain market share. Great consoles, great games - playstation simply won the battle. Fair & square. Okay, with every new console the price started high but it also eventually dropped....and a large library of games followed. Likewise with the Ps3.

Contrast that with Micro$oft and the monopoly it has with Winblow$ on the PC. This OS and Office are M$'s cash cow. Micro$oft could have easily made Winblow$ more secure and stable years ago but why haven't they? If you understand how monopolies work then you will understand why? Now with Linux and Mac OSX slowly gaining more market share, surprise surprise, M$ brings out Vi$ta which is very much like Mac OsX with Unix/Linux like features. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm? Seems like M$ was feeling the heat. Unfortunately, I'm still forced to pay for preinstalled Winblow$ when I buy a PC - its included in the price - even though I have no interest in that piece of crap on my HDD. Monopoly, monopoly.

And now Micro$oft has entered the game console industry. Think about that. Do honestly believe they support open competition? Especially in a Market where you always make huge losses in the consoles you sell, to be eventually made up for in games sales.

Sony has been involved in the highly competitive market of electronic goods/hardware for years - they have never had a reputation of being a monopolistic titan. Okay, some of their poducts may be overpriced but you can go and buy a competitors product instead. However, there is a company that is currently a monopoly - and has made $Billions over the last 20 years. Micro$oft will spend/lose as much as is necessary to drive Sony out.

I'm not pointing at anyone but it's is rather suspicious why there's so, much dishing on Ps3 while Micro$oft seems whiter than white. The xbox 360 is a capable machine with awesome games but it's not the best console. It is however, the tool for M$ to gain market dominance. Xbots, stop being sucked in. Walk towards the light.

The good news is, if you look at things OBJECTIVELY, logically, rationally and sensibly you can see that Sony will win the console war in the next 7 years - I repeat 7 years not six months. And when they do that, Micro$oft will finally give up the ghost and focus on games development only and port Halo, Gears, Viva, Forza etc to the next gen winner.

Remember: Sony won't make the same mistakes with Ps4 as they did with Ps3. M$ must win this generation or its over...and they obviously won't.

Bhai4287d ago

...It seems to me that what press, critics and media is trying to do is to have 360 established for some time now...remembering what happened to the original xbox. I remember Square Enix folks say that they want to 'Tame' Sony this generation and they "don't want Sony to be the over-whelming victor again" for if all consoles other than Sony's get slaughtered just like in the past-gens, the industry would seize to grow, investors would seize to invest due to fear and smaller devs will vanish.

Now we all have asked this question over and over again that yeah ! why is press so kind to MS/360 when they totally abandoned 4 years of fanbase, millions of people and billions of dollars just in 2005 ? When they promoted nothing new to the market but XBL, and even that was the star of only North America ?

Another set of questions has been why 360 got so much praised when they only have a single cliche'd but next-gen killer-app game 'gears' and even after a whole year ? how the hell PDZ got a 9.0 ranking from HaHaHa ? especially that, how on Earth does 360's existing games and a few upcoming ones change the perspective of games from the last-gen besides normal-mapped textures at all ? do they have procedural synthesis, hi quality physics or motion-sensitivity etc. ?

When each and every developer has supported the idea and cause of a heavier disc, how does press keep satisfied with the existing 360 DVD games, are they too short-term thinkers as MS is ? 360 might never fully utilize HDD functionality because of it being non-standard in 360, so then will every huge game be all pop-y like Oblivion ? and that its fine with press if its on 360 HeeHeeHee ? Is this all short-term thinking or is western press all envious of the Japanese console ?!

For an idea upon all these questions, read the first paragraph of this post !

jib4287d ago (Edited 4287d ago )

Because a lot of people care more about whats happening now, the present. not "future potential." not what "it could be in a few years." but instead, what each console offers so far and so far and the 360 is ahead in terms of great games and the amount of it. like i've stated before, the PS3 still has to prove its 600$ worth to the masses.

about your question on "short term" DVDs. go to gametrailers and listen to GOW creator jeffe. he'll give you an answer.

nix4287d ago

Nick Germain says: "Expect a detailed blog post later this evening, and more posts throughout the week on this important topic."

it's going to be a long week guys! hope you guys have enough health and armour! q:

THAMMER14287d ago

I wonder what the profits look like.

Saint Sony4287d ago

As long as gamers are happy, all is fine.

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