EVGA Celebrates Decade With Contests & Prizes reports that EVGA is celebrating it's 10th Anniversary by giving back to the PC Gaming Community. EVGA has teamed up with 24 big sponsers to give away over $50,000 in prizes. Details are provided about the five different contests included in the EVGA Decade Celebration.


Five Ways To Qualify For Prizes: Scavenger Hunt, Team Fortress 2 Weekend, Wallpaper Contest, EVGA on the Tube, SO NET Extravaganza

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TiKiMaN13477d ago

I have found 9/10 ribbons in the scavenger hunt. I hope to find the last one soon. Also I will be participating TF2 gaming event next weekend. Some really awesome prizes this year for sure. EVGA even gave away a GeForce GTX 295 through Twitter today.