Wii-SNES mod: take that, Virtual Console!

Kotomi, the French mod master has finally turned his sights onto the Wii, and the result is beautiful to behold. Forget the Virtual Console -- you can just snap your old SNES carts right in there and throw down. All you need is a classic controller and a lot of extra time. Kotomi has been working on this mod since February, and it was originally planned as an NES mod, but along the way, he gave in to the pervasive allure of the Super NES.

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Who understand these people... I get this article reported because it was not linking to the original source... and then when I do, people complain it's not in english? Forget posting news. Is there a way to take this post down?

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Good post

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Mushu4264196d ago

to modify my wii or use any mod chip. So it works fore many people with wiiconnect24 Nintendo can just update witha software patch to destory the systmen totally is anyone use a mod chip or and device like that. Besides, even if they don't I still wouldn't take the chance to put any mods in my consoles. I don't have $250 to just risk and throw away like that. Besides, this is a silly mod anyway because its not like everyone or even mostly everyone that ever owned a SNES or any of those 1st and 2nd gen systems would still have everygame they ever wanted. Sure you can put you games in the darn thing but what if you want a game you don't have you still have to buy if and finding it can be a hassle as well as the fact it may cost most physically than the VC game. The purpose of VC is to enable anyone that bought a Wii to have every game the every wanted buy simple download from 1st-3rd( maybe 4th not sure)gen games for an very affordable price. Any mario kart or donkey kong game on snes will run you at least $20 and I personally paid $30 for Super Metroid. I'll just stick with VC, thanks.