Sony Unaffected by June NPD Numbers

PlayStation LifeStyle: "Sony's Patrick Seybold, Senior Director of Corporate Communications & Social Media for SCEA, has responded to the June NPD that released earlier tonight. In his response, he claims that, "PlayStation is delivering an unmatched caliber of content for the back half of the year" and he is confident that the PlayStation brand is, "on pace for another tremendous year"."

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DJ3477d ago

At least they saw improvements across the board compared to last month, especially with inFamous. Hopefully word of mouth will keep that game popular throughout the year. It's just way too good to pass up.

ps3gamerkyle3477d ago

Summer is usually slow for the entire industry, and it's unfair for people to look at the YoY numbers for the PS3, since MGS4 released last June. The 2nd half of 2009 looks good for Sony + PS3.

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

ps3 titles have long legs. many more exclusives to come. This is not over yet.

rockleex3477d ago

The fact that PS3 sales rose 30,000 from the previous month.

Instead, lets conveniently compare PS3 June 2009 sales to June 2008 sales... the month of MGS4's release. O_O

LordMarius3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

remember they expect to sell 13 million this fiscal year for a reason ;)

@below EXACTLY

rockleex3477d ago

*cough* price cut *cough*

Or a PS3 slim.

RememberThe3573477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

That's not really saying much considering how low the number really is.

And to say that they're not affected by the low sales numbers of the PS3 is a bit naive. They obviously aren't going to voice their concerns to the public.

They are supporting the PS3 and PSP more then I've seen them support anything else in the past. So their has to be a reason they are taking these low sales numbers now. There has to be a price cut on the way, I just don't see them being able to hold out much longer.

As pissed off as they are making me with their countless failed attempts at advertising, I am hold out hope that the brilliant minds at Sony have a ace up their sleeve. I'll be waiting to hear what they say at TGS.

JonnyBigBoss3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

You gotta love a charismatic team of top officials at such a huge corporation.

rockleex3477d ago

JRPGs... exclusive ones. A few of those should be First Party to guarantee exclusivity. Legend of Dragoon 2 would be nice, since it was made by Sony First Party.

They need to work with Atlus to bring Persona 5 exclusively to the PS3.
Work with Level 5 to bring Dark Cloud 3 with play-create-share.
Work with Square to get Kingdom Hearts 3 exclusively, since its the same guy who's making Versus XIII.

Aquanox3477d ago

"On pace for another tremendous year"

When the last Sony's tremendous year in terms of sales?

rockleex3477d ago

Every year.

PS3 first year sales are higher than 360 first year sales.
PS3 second year sales are higher than 360 second year sales.

We'll have to see if PS3 third year sales beat 360 third year sales.

Megatron083477d ago

I dont see how the numbers are anything but bad for sony for this gen. The wii and ds is killing everything. If that wasnt bad enough the 360 has beaten the ps3 in sales for the pass 9 months ( I think its 9). I doubt the ps3 wil be able to out sell the 360 till maybe march of 2010 when god3 is release. These are not good times for sony. To be honest next gen and the ps4/psp2 cant get here soon enough for sony.

jaysquared3477d ago

I love how Sony fanboys disregard how the PS2 dominated last gen and I mean dominated!! Combine the gamecube and xbox sales last gen and it was still outsold by the PS2 by 3 times or more! Now the PS3 is dead last in terms of sales behind the Wii and the 360 and is still not gaining any ground and you guys are happy about that? i dont think Sony is happy that they are not dominating this gen like they did last gen. But hey whatever makes you sleep at night...

Sony has last their market share to both the wii the 360. The 360 sold more this gen compared to last gen even though with all their hardware problems that is a positive sign. The PS3 is bound to sell less than they did last gen and is losing their market to the 360 and wii... Spin it to the positive but in reality as of right now the PS3 is a failure!

themyk3477d ago

your right. what can i say? your right.

u know. i am, i'm mad. i'm so darn mad at sony for being in third place.

i'm not happy. i could care less that their releasing amazing games that i love. their in third place, you know. and that makes me mad.

dude, stfu. no gamer cares about sales.

OmarJA3476d ago

Good for them...

Just keep those AAA titles coming Sony.

Syronicus3476d ago

I still cannot believe how well the PS2 is selling. Support for a console this old is amazing. The PSP is doing well and the sale of PS3 is higher this month than last. Good month for Sony.

masterg3476d ago


LOL... Bobble+

Aquanox3476d ago

So... beating the Xbox 360 sales with launches aligned but not in parallel is your idea of a tremendous year for the console maker that single handed dominated all others in the past generation?

That's too many conditionals. In my opinion, Sony is still yet to have a "tremendous year" this generation in terms of marketshare.

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KionicWarlord2223477d ago

Nice to see Sony with a Open mind...

Open mind.

ps3gamerkyle3477d ago

Optimism is what Sony needs right now.

However, things really aren't THAT bad. Just the fact that the 360 version of Prototype outsold the PS3 version by a margin of OVER 2:1.

thereapersson3477d ago

They don't bash the competition, or try to spin; they remain positive and see the glass as half-full. Just bring us those games you are promising, Sony, and remember: MARKETING, MARKETING, MARKETING!!!

ps3gamerkyle3477d ago

Can't argue with you there. Sony has rarely gone out and openly attacked the competition. They've always kept their composure.

DJ3477d ago

There's countless times where they could've bashed the competition, or responded to bashing. Yet they stay steady as a rock. Confident, composed, and optimistic.

raztad3477d ago

That is exactly how a true leader behaves. Keeps his/her composure in the worst moment and never acts by impulse following a rigorous and long term plan. Sony already scored BIG, BD is the indisputable winner in the HD war. The future is bright and games have been coming in a steady pace.

kewlkat0073477d ago

They need a damn price-cut and better marketing.

tuglu_pati3477d ago

@ kewlkat007

I'm with you on this one.

DJ3477d ago

How would you change their marketing? What would your strategy be?

Qui-Gon Jim3477d ago

I do think they need to work on getting the name out there more. It seems like every videogame commercial i see is a multiplatform game that has the XBox 360 logo come up at the end. To most people it looks like 360 is the only system to have any games.

kewlkat0073477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

SOFTWARE - When Big Blockbuster games come out, I do not see Sony's commercials frequently. I think I saw a KZ2 commercial 3 times up till now. Not just talking about that game but many more. MS seems to throw a party for its games, meaning they attack on most stations, sci-fi, sports networks, G4, MTV, A&E..News channel..etc They celebrate their 1st-party games.

True Story: I walked into a GAME STOP the day before KZ2 came out(I'm fn serious, there was no huge cardboard helghast in your face or anything) but there was plenty Halo Wars boxes in the Window. I remember saying WTF is going on, almost like KZ2 was just another game. No midnight launches or anything. For a game of that caliber, that was a shame but who do you blame?

Sony no longer can depend n all those great 3rd-party titles that helped them to the top in the last 15 years so putting focus on 1st-party is great idea and the caliber of the games shows but Sony, to me, seems quite comfortable with it's software numbers. I think, it's because they have a strong PS2-base, that they will eventually count on, to buy PS3's in their 10 year plan, which will then, give these games much needed legs.(I'm guessing that's the plan).

HARDWARE - I do not know if it's the same everywhere but we know, the economy stinks. So affordability, a great marker-price, and value marketing is important. Maybe Sony is still trying to make as much as they can with a high price before they drop it, I'm guessing.
Regardless of how well it sells at it's price, it's just not gonna cut it, in the state we are in. Right now, if sales were just based on loyalty,looking at the past PS2 install-base, Sony should be doing great but this time around $399-$499 price of a console after Tax + games...etc is steep.

It's either Sony is not hitting the mark with it's "Value Marketing" vs other consoles or plenty don't feel like it's worth the price, regardless of the specs(the average consumer doesn't know or care much about that).

I'm a firm believer of "Price Matters" not just Exclusive games. Especially in this Economy, if you can't justify a the high price of an item or convey it to a consumer, then other choices might win out. I don't think Sony's Exclusive sell all that well like they should. All their exclusives are BUNDLED at some point which should help sales. So to me, that 23+ million install-base is not all made up of PURE gamers. I think it's a smaller install-base hiding behind hardcore movie watchers, currently. Though, the Xbox 360 does not have a BD-Drive(for the better or worst) but no ones gonna buy it to just watch DVD movies. Same as the Wii.

kewlkat0073477d ago

Why I may choose one thing can be totally different then why you think I should choose another.

Of course it's the console manufacturers job to convey that "VALUE".

Consumers decision to either bite on the value pitch. If they can't afford it then does it matter to them at the time?

onanie3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

I suppose you're saying that $400 is above the ceiling of what many people can afford, where any value that is represented by $400 is thrown out of the window anyway. I must say I don't know how many people are in that situation. Neither do you, but it is an interesting thought. I imagine, though, if one managed to save $300, then saving a bit more to get to $400 might not be an impossible thing to do.

I would agree that value is subjective, even pliable. Indeed, it seems to be the mission of many PS3 detractors to drive the perception of its value down. Despite their agendas, I think most people familiar with PS3's features will say that it's current pricepoint still represents good value, when compared with the competition. The upcoming exclusive games ("exclusive" represents what the competition doesn't have, afterall) also add value to the machine. What remains is the marketing.

The difference in our opinions is in the effectiveness of Sony's marketing thus far. The surrogate marker for that is in the sales of the machine. Sony's worldwide sales rate is exceeding that of 360. So why does Sony need to market their console better?

You might point out the discrepancy in US sales. I have no good explanation for that, other than the fact that quite possibly, the negative campaigning worked, and its reach is clearly visible in English speaking populations. The PS3 is still clearly preferable in other areas.

Syronicus3476d ago

Sony has really stayed focused on their own issues, good or bad. You don't hear too often, Sony bashing the other console makers. Instead you hear them talk about how they plan to improve or how they are doing and what they are doing to make us consumers happy. That is the Sony I like to see. Last gen they got a bit arrogant but this gen they seem to be back on track and for that, I respect them.

ps3gamerkyle3476d ago

Bubbles for you, Sir.

I just think Sony needs a good showing at Gamescom (which they'll have a 3 hour press conference!!) and TGS (more JRPG's besides WKC) and they'll roll into the holiday season on a high note.

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dimitry213477d ago

sony have lots of AAA games for next year so im not too worry.infamous is still a great game

ps3gamerkyle3477d ago

For next year and this year. However, by the looks of things, 2010 is looking to be more crowded than originally thought.

da720izcumin3477d ago

I say we start the hype right now!!!!!11111111