The Force Unleashed [Achievement Total] Updated to 1345

Alan Pettit of writes:

"Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has mysteriously been updated with five new achievements for an additional 125 points, bringing its total to 1345.

I say mysterious, because to my knowledge there has been no DLC announced for the game since the initial batch dropped late last year. However, LucasArts is planning on making a big announcement during the Star Wars keynote tomorrow night at the San Diego Comicon, so perhaps we'll get our announcement then."

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Eiffel3476d ago

Deep down since this title came out I kept thinking how perfect it would have been for online. Given how short singleplayer was. This title could have had such an amazing multiplayer.

1Victor3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

Could it be a trophy patch and a update to the 360 achievements . I know a few people that wanted the game and didn't get it because of the no trophy no sale philosophy .LOL

Rusco873476d ago

That will probably be the announcement. Trophy Support

shaneTsung3475d ago

would be nice if the did