Kotaku: Droplitz Micro-Review

Kotaku writes: "Droplitz is the sort of puzzle game that I consider numbingly addictive. Like Tetris, Bejeweled, Hexic, or any successful game in the genre, it foregoes a flashy presentation, fixing your attention to its particular game play mechanic and lulling you into a sort of fugue state in which the only thing that makes sense is playing more. At one point during my time with Droplitz I closed my eyes between rounds and found I was still playing it in my head. That's the sign of a successful (and possibly dangerous) puzzle game".

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Cajun Chicken3472d ago

Tried the demo on XBL, the music is far too relaxing for a puzzle game IMO, perhaps a little too casual, despite finding it a bit pointless at first, once playing it a bit, I actually found myself addicted, but IMO, could of done with some of the Q-Games type synesthesia going on.