Treasure World - ZTGD Review

ZeroTolerance writes: The idea of collection is nothing new to the world of games. In fact almost every game has some gem or item that you can find throughout the journey that rewards you with extra lives, in-game currency and the like. But what about a game that revolves entirely around the idea of collecting things. What if a game came along that forced players to roam around outside of their domicile in order to find everything it had to offer? Well that game has arrived thanks to Aspyr, and it lands on the Nintendo DS. Treasure World utilizes one of the many nuances of the portable device to create in-game items for you to collect. There really isn't much else to it, but the sheer idea of collecting them all is unexplainably addicting.

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PS360WII3477d ago

"Rarely do you take the time to appreciate the items in your collection, you always just want more" ha I know of that problem ;)

Interesting concept on getting new items by hunting out WiFi signals. I don't know if I like that personally per se but I do see the appeal

Cat3477d ago

It would make trips to Wal-Mart more fun, but in a relatively small town I think I'd run out of Wi-Fi :(