Guerrilla Games: What Is Next For PS3?

Today Nick McCandless from talks about Guerrilla Games' future plans for the PS3. Will they just develop another Killzone, or could it be something we have yet to see?

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DragonWarrior_43602d ago

Whatever it is, I hope they go with a little less weight in the characters movement. Even with the new update it still feels sluggish compared to other definitive fps shooters. It makes me wonder how much better Killzone 2 would have been if they had more time and less pressure? Next time around should go well for them especially if the community support Killzone 2 got 3 months after launch. Best community so far.

Mr Tretton3602d ago

The weight in the characters gives it it's unique feel. Playing COD4 feels like crap to me now.

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )



yes lets get rid of the realistic weight and feel so the children can enjoy the game more /sarcasm.

while were reducing killzone, to generic trash...lets also get rid of the guerilla engine and replace it with the unreal engine. that will surely make it a better game /sarcasm

Nick2120043602d ago

I understand it is all opinion, but I actually liked that because it brought something new to the table. I will admit it did take some time to get used to though.

beavis4play3602d ago

i loved KZ2 for it's realism - both in the player movements and shooting.

evrfighter3602d ago

lol I like how the term sluggish now means realistic. You idiots need to take off the fanboy goggles and speak up if somethings sluggish. If you all try and justify it this only means they'll continue to put out games with sluggish controls..

lol jeez

Rob0g0rilla3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

The feel of the game is very realistic compared to other games IMO. Your character actually has weight and you can feel it when you are running, shooting, and jumping. Call it what you want, Guerrilla has that realism in KZ2 that most of these FPS are missing and it's fun. If I want it to play like COD4/5, I'll just play that game then. It's annoying hearing that every FPS needs to play like COD. What the hell is the point.

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

LOL, so now poorly designed hardware = next gen gaming?
you "guys" should speak up if youre overpaying for crappy service and broken hardware. If you all try to justify it, youll just get raped again this gen like microsoft did with the original xbox owners.

lol, pleez

c what i did there?

MEsoJD3602d ago

hearing the b!tching about the controls.

It took me like 10 min to get use to it.

^_^If you can't adjust you suck ^_^

QuackPot3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Grab a real shotgun and do a 360 degree turn and aim. Guarantee it's a helluva lot faster, accurate, responsive and REALISTIC than what you get in KZ2.

GG screwed up, it's as simple as that. But they also messed up with:

* the inclusion of the spawn flare(resulting in regular frag fests)
* exclusion of fixed spawn zones to compete for(reduces frag fests)
* shallow and superficial rankings and no new weapon reward
* few weapons
* no freely usable vehicles(E3 trailer hinted at it)
* no party system or at least have bots fill in games until humans join/leave
* unsympathetic characters and annoying dialogue in SP

Why the frack didn't GG learn and copy from Warhawk, Halo, Gears, Cod4 and BF:BC.

KZ1 and KZ2 are good games but could have been so much better.

GG is improving as a developer but I think it's time for them to move onto a new IP and give KZ3 to a more talented, skilled and accomplished developer.

Did someone say....NAUGHTY DOG!

btw, i regularly play KZ2 and get into the top 1 - 10 %. RPGs rule and veteran's have no problem with them as they counter the airbots, turrents and grouped spawn campers. I'm the guy swearing my head off about idiotic Tacticians and poorly placed spawn flares. In short, I know what I'm talking about when it comes to KZ2.

raztad3602d ago


OK, you already got the gun right? now put on a 30Kg outfit and try to do a fast spin.

Good luck on that.

I love the "realistic" feel of KZ. Btw, it was in KZ1 when GG by the first time introduced the weighted controls. Weighted controls (sluggish for some COD players) are KZ's signature.

SprSynJn3602d ago

From what I can see based on those comments you made, your name fits you perfectly. :p

Rainstorm813602d ago

Nick McCandless??? The FreeJack??

SevWolf3602d ago

Im not being a fanboy, KZ2 had its flaws, but people complain about two of the many things I loved about the game, the controls and the way you feel like you have a lot of weight, I got so used to the controls that its hard for me to play any other war FPS, I really enjoyed the controls, and I also got soo used to the feel, that when I went to play COD 4 again, I felt like I was speedy, the feel of the weight made me feel like Sev soo much that I felt connected to him, hence me having the word "Sev" in my name, I really liked the character :), but yes it did have a lot of flaws and I have no doubt GG will have them fixed in the next game :D

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dizlaoboi9163602d ago

i dont know where i would be without and nick mccandless,

Power_Of_Flops_3602d ago

Agree with Tretton. COD4 feels crappy now. What you call weight dragonwarrior is just more realistic, you feel like those are real people, you don't fly on the map.

Czin3602d ago

It's good to hear what Guerilla Games is going to make another game and it's especially good to hear that they are keeping they're gaming engine limited to a few companies. This provides unique and rare gameplay that only they specialize in. I see them making an fps and not a third person shooter myself. If they were to make a third person shooter I can almost bet that we won't be seeing Guerilla Games in action for a few years because it's something totally new to them.

chidori6663602d ago

well...killzone 3 I hope.

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