Gameplay Monthly: Crash Commando Review

Gameplay Monthly writes: "2008 was a very good year for the PlayStation 3, with it picking up momentum and getting a very good line up of software, both in retail and online on the PlayStation Network. One of the games that stood out the most for me however was Crash Commando. Although I did not buy it straight away, when I saw it on sale I jumped at the chance to play it, and I do not regret it at all."

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thereapersson3599d ago

Even if it doesn't have local multiplayer, the game is a "blast" to play. Plus it can get quite hilarious at times with everything flying everywhere. It's one of the most addictive online games I've played in quite a while.

presto7173599d ago

I really wanted this, but bought bionic commando rearmed accidentally a while ago. Well I got this last night, and all I can say is that this game is ridiculously fun. Love the jetpack. Definately a must have for lovers of platform games.

PS. I dont regret buying bionic commando rearmed. Its a good game. But I find it really hard. I'm currently stuck at "The Docks". Freaking commando keeps falling and drowning... You would think a damn soldier would know how to swim.