Faceoff: Gears of War vs Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Select/Start Games: "I admit that I wasn't sure how to approach this weeks edition of Faceoff. For the most part, I conceived this feature as a way to bring back fun debate between our favorite games. In the current gaming climate, however, it's hard to have such discussions when everything can be construed as a flamebait for the increasingly frustrating and annoying console war. Fanboys fuel it, but even the gaming media itself have become party to feeding the ravaging fanboys that thirst for the blood of their hated console.

I'm not going to pretend that I don't know that Gears of War and Metal Gear Solid 4 are practically poster children for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 respectively. Of course they are. They are two shining examples of what those machines are capable of. This comparison, however, is not about the Xbox 360 vs the Playstation 3, but of two 3rd person shooters with very distinct takes on the genre, with both influencing the other in some ways. With that said, I hope that this article/opinion piece brings more positive, fun discussion, instead of brutal hatred and vitriol. Now, let Faceoff begin!"

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lociefer5454d ago

mgs4 should only be compared to sex, geow2 should be compared to another unreal engine game

Figboy5454d ago

well, in THEORY. it's supposed to be fun.

i remember debating endlessly with friends about games like Mario vs Sonic, Ninja Gaiden vs Shinobi, Final Fantasy vs Phantasy Star, etc, and we'd have a ball.

it'd no different than Spider-Man vs Batman. both are great heroes, but everyone has their preference.

i may not be a huge Gears of War fan, but i'd be a lying fool if i said the game series wasn't quality, with some great stuff in it.

i happen to prefer Metal Gear Solid 4, but then again, i've been playing the series since the NES days, and feel that MGS4 really nails everything that makes a video game special, while also being a showpiece for the console it's on. Kojima Productions have a knack for that (see, MGS1 on the PS1, MGS2 and 3, and Zone of the Enders 1 and 2 on the PS2 - just realized Kojima Productions made FOUR Playstation 2 games last gen! holy crap! hopefully they'll release just as many on the PS3, if not more).

The_Zeitgeist5454d ago

This is just stupid. Two way different games. It's like comparing Final Fantasy 7 with Harvest Moon.

Jack-Pyro5454d ago

They are very different, this is true, however they are both over the shoulder third person shooters!

It's less like comparing Harvest Moon and Final Fantasy and more comparing Infamous and Crackdown (very similar yet totally different)

...that aside, was there ever any doubt that MGS4 would beat the pants off of Gears of War, it just seems like a no brainer!

The_Zeitgeist5454d ago (Edited 5454d ago )

I just can't agree with that at all. If I am in the mood for some blood spilling I would pick Gears over MGS4 any day. But if I am in the mood for some stealth action then I would go with MGS4. They are just way too different. I understand Infamous vs Crackdown. But these two games? Come on!

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PlayStation 3 Games That Desperately Need a PS5 Remaster

The PlayStation 3 may not have been the strongest generation for Sony, but there were still some diamonds in the rough that deserve a revisit as PS5 remasters.

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OtterX105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

Even if they could just remaster and put on PSVR2, some would still look great as VR titles and could do a whole lot to bolster the headset w these exclusives! I'd imagine the investment of reworking these titles into VR would be way less than building new games from the ground up, and they could be amazing experiences, and VR often makes flat games feel fresh again. The Resistance and Killzone games are particularly what I want to see!!

Rude-ro104d ago

I played killzone 3 in 3d and it really changed the game per being immersive.
In vr, that would be even more awesome.

darthv72104d ago

Funny you mention that... my son wanted to play some PS3 games in 3d on my PS tv and he was blown away by how good KZ3 was. It really was a great addition to the game. Im surprised there have not been more 3d games from that era being ported to the PSVR/VR2.

_SilverHawk_104d ago

resistance 1-3, killzone 1-3, uncharted 1-3, uncharted golden abyss, folklore, socom 4 , motorstorm, twisted metal, MAG, heavenly sword

Cacabunga104d ago

Killzone 2+3
Sly Thieves in Time
Crack in Time
God of War Ascension
Modnation racer
Infamous 1+2

Profchaos104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

Killzone trilogy in VR would be amazing bonus points if they offer shadow fall.

There was a psvr1 Killzone project that supermassive was working on at one stage which wasn't up to scratch and Sony brand it back in house I was hoping we would see that on psvr2 eventually.

Personally I'd love to see some more love or acknowledgement of psvr2 from Sony in general it was a expensive headset and Sony barely acknowledge it's existence

seanpitt23104d ago

The amount of work needed to remaster these games wouldn't be beneficial on a financial and business sense.. MGS4 would probably be the best bet as it would need the least amount of work!

Iceball2000104d ago

YEAAASSSSS! I miss this franchise and wanna play it so bad again.

Father__Merrin104d ago

The time is perfect for a resistance fall of man game campaign coop multiplayer

InUrFoxHole104d ago

The resistance series is str8 trash to me. Socom 3 I would welcome. Or killzone MP.

Marcus Fenix104d ago

A Resistance reboot will be awesome

Michiel1989104d ago

That's what Bungie should make, Ill keep saying it until it happens

1Victor104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

Resistance was ok but Warhawk and Starhawk was better and kept me coming back for almost a decade of fun and petty revenge on the loud mouth unskilled players 🤣
Edit I loved capture the flag dropping the pot on the flag carrier was extremely satisfying as well as transforming your plane in bot form and stumping them to death 😱

104d ago
Michiel1989104d ago

Resistance was the best co-op fps I ever played after L4D2