Rumored PlayStation Store Content for 07/16/09

PlayStation LifeStyle lists this week's Confirmed and Rumored PS Store content across all regions. Make sure to check out the new 'Coming Soon' section.

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DJ5065d ago

I like how it's a global outlook, now.

Sev5065d ago

Well, it's always been global I just never had to actually label it as such.

SevWolf5065d ago

Hey, Sev, I know that you put Trine as TBA, but I've been speaking to the developers on their forums and they don't even know they're saying it's up to sony, cause the publishers already said ok...:(, I just want to play it soo badly

Trollimite5064d ago

any news on MVC2 release date?

Hellsvacancy5063d ago

The throphy patch 4 The Last Guy is up - ive been wantin 2 go back and finish it off 4 ages - got good reason 2 now

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cool85065d ago

wheres Fat princess??? is it still set for summer 2009?

JonnyBigBoss5065d ago

It will most likely be a late July title. Give it 2 weeks.

ThanatosDMC5065d ago

Another PSN game im looking forward to is that zombie slaughter game. 4 players co-op online.

StalkingSilence5064d ago

Should be out NEXT week (shhhh)...
13 bronze trophies too!

Omegasyde5065d ago

Hmm The dead weather DLC, interesting but I think I would rather have the white stripes instead.

Bren865065d ago

What about wipeout hd's fury dlc? they've added the trophies when you compare so maybe it will be released next week then.

The Hunter5065d ago (Edited 5065d ago )

Hmm, where is Zombie Apocalypse? This this haven't it by coming soon :S

EDIT: What ThanatosDMC also said, but the name is Zombie Apocalypse!

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