Guerrilla Games Not Done with the PS3

"Halo started it all for console first person shooters as we know them, and until Call of Duty 4 came along, it was pretty much unopposed. One failed attempt to take the crown was the original Killzone, which received a poor response from gamers everywhere. Killzone 2 launched on the PlayStation 3 earlier this year in February and has gone up against the juggernauts of the FPS genre. was hungry for more information on Killzone 2 and the future plans of Guerrilla Games so they were nice enough to answer many of our questions."

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Nick2120043598d ago

What do you guys think Guerilla Games is going to do with the PlayStation 3? Create a new Killzone, or come up with a new franchise?

PirateThom3598d ago

The way Killzone 2 ended, I'm itching for the story to continue. However, I really would like to see them try something else.

xenogamer213598d ago

i want to see their engine do something else. And i wasnt a big fan of the generic storyline of K2. Just imagine a sandbox RPG with killzone 2 graphics kinda like The Elder Scrolls?? That would be awesome. Hoping for a new IP GG.

NS3598d ago

Yeah. There are so many games out there with stories about mutated humans space colonies.

RememberThe3573598d ago

a new IP or Killzone 3. I just hope they focus more on story telling next time. Killzone 2's story was pretty damn good but wasn't really told as much as Killzone's story was.

xenogamer213598d ago

i didnt say the PREMICE was generic, just the story. There is a difference, its just my opinion, just want something new.

raztad3598d ago

Kz2 story is not generic. In fact is well told and with very interesting twists.

Dont forget KZ universe story has been unfolding since Kz1.

StanLee3598d ago

Oh God, not another generic shooter! And before some fanboy screams I don't own the game just say the word and I'll take a damn pic with my screen name and time and upload it. After the other day I'm sick and tired of butt hurt fanboys acting like asses anytime a criticism is leveled at a PS3 game!

Trollimite3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

halo didnt start anything! medal of honor and the original cod's did all the work.

i understand that everyone likes halo, but give credit where credit is due!

i think that he just cant resist bringing up killzone without mentoning halo.

NS3598d ago

I read and watch alot of early 20th century history. GG used it as an inspiration for their KZ Universe which is why i find it very interesting. The Helgan Invasion is just a short burst of the overall story. People forget this.

Pardon my english.

Blaze9293598d ago

Can you read? "for console first person shooters"

cayal3598d ago

All FPS shooters have a generic storyline.

Bad guys.
Good guys.
Kill the leader.

Rinse and repeat.

ultimolu3598d ago

I would love to see a new franchise but I'm up for some Killzone 3. :P

StanLee3598d ago

Not just the same generic story but the same generic character stereotypes and set pieces. I'm so waiting for another FPS to offer something more this gen the way Bioshock did. FPS has been the most overrated genre this gen with inflated review scores.

Tony P3598d ago

Since I don't really play shooters anymore, of course I hope they'll show us what they can do in another genre.

I love RPGs, but I don't think that's likely. Does GG have any RPG experience? If not, I doubt they'd risk a genre they possibly have no clue about. So I expect a KZ3 or a 3PS. It's all good.

Fencefry3598d ago

If you read into the KZ universe, you'll see there are no clearly defined good guys/bad guys. Visari has just manipulated the Helghast.

QSPR3598d ago

you guys are crazy,not halo,not call of duty,not medal of honor,duke nuken,doom and rainbow six,those was the first games

MEsoJD3598d ago

and I'm sure we'll be seeing games within Sony's first party use the KIllZONE Engine.

Can you imagine the games coming out of that engine. DAMN

N4GAddict3598d ago

I hope they start a new franchise and then switch between it and killzone.

cayal3598d ago

"If you read into the KZ universe, you'll see there are no clearly defined good guys/bad guys. Visari has just manipulated the Helghast."

I haven't but thanks for bringing it to my attention.

As for good guys and bad guys...both sides of war are a good/bad guy in the eyes of some. You just always play the 'good guy' in games.

That'd be something new. Play as Nazi's in a WW2 shooter. Play as the Helghast in Killzone 3 (which could lead to your point above about Visari's manipulation).

evrfighter3598d ago

wait killwhat?


that one fps that came out earlier this that's so 1943...

ObviousTruth3598d ago

they made ONE game for this generation and they aren't done?!? my mind is officially blown!

Gantrfaxx3598d ago

I'm hoping for Killzone 3. Killzone is a huge IP, Guerrilla shouldn't switch to another one, not yet. Besides it would be really awesome to play as a Helghast in Kz3 singleplayer campaign, after all the ISA are really the bad guys.

badz1493598d ago

there are 3 games that come to mind when talking about GG and that's KZ(PS2), KZ Liberation(PSP) and KZ2(PS3)! why are people expecting them to try a different thing already? that just shows how crowded the FPS market at the moment but to come out with KZ2 which was touted as impossible on this generation of consoles is an achievement for GG and a lot of people seem to neglect that, which is SAD! Bungie did 3 Halos and then parted from M$ but will still come out with not 1 but 2 halos! SE have been doing RPG since what, 15 year? or may be more, I don't know but why none complaining? I would like GG to just concentrating on KZ3 for now and make it an even epic FPS than KZ2! GO GG!!

Syronicus3598d ago

All I know is that anything they do will be awesome. Killzone 2 was and is still one of the best games I have played on years. If they continue the series then I will be titillated and if they create a whole new IP, then too will I be titillated.

Karum3597d ago

Yeah man the Killzone story is pretty deep and interesting, reading the lore on the website always made me wonder if it was the ISA who were really the bad guys and the Helghast the victims, pushed too far and the war being the result of that.

Kornholic3597d ago

Pretty good except that it's quite unclear who are the good guys and bad guys in the Killzone universe.

ZOMBIEMAN13597d ago

actually it's 4 there first and only multiplatform game Shellshock for PS2 & Xbox and Killzone series .
@ Karum well i haven't played Killzone 2 but Helghast are like germany before WW2 during poverty they were bullied by the other countries because of WW1 and during there darkest days they choose Hitler to lead em out of darkness which is what the Helghast are and Visari is Hitler

BWS19823597d ago

"Halo started it all for console first person shooters as we know them..."

Um, no. Switch GoldenEye with Halo, you fanboy author.

I'm eager to see whatever they do, KZ based or not, they're too talented to stop now.

DaTruth3597d ago

The ISA are the bad guys! The Helghast have massive energy reserves and the ISA want them. It is a shot at America. The American citizens still believe they are the good guys while they've been running around the world reeking havoc for 50 years for their "Interests".

Even after they find out Bush and Cheney created a secret CIA counter terrorism program they hid from congress 'BEFORE' 911(sleep on the job much). How long has 911 truth been saying the CIA perpetrated 911.

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THC CELL3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

i think killzone 3 is going to take it to the next level
i mean transport online
coop upto 10 players
and more

and now mag has 256 players online
i think we will see killzone 3 push online to the next level
im not saying 256 maybe a long side 50 vs 50

theEnemy3598d ago

Killzone 3 would probably be better than KZ2, but as much as I want another Killzone, I would rather wish they would make a new game.

A non-shooter game with or better Killzone 2 graphics = badass.


SuperM3598d ago

Killzone 3 50 vs 50? Ehm no thx.

There is no way they will even try get that many people online in killzone 3 because it simply doesnt fit the gameplay. Also im sure Guerrilla will focus on getting even better graphics. If they put in 50 vs 50 they will have to downgrade the graphics instead of increasing them

Nick2120043598d ago

At least this interview ends the discussion of a party system coming to Killzone 2. That is my #1 complaint with Killzone 2 because the online experience is amazing, but it can be a pain to get into a game with friends.

wu-stix3596d ago

I just started playing killzone again yesterday (last time played was march) and I forgot how much I liked that game. There are things like the party system that sucks but I did see that they extended the ranks so now there are 3 more levels above general. I would also like to see some co-op a la R2 added.

Honda043598d ago

I hope they do make another killzone for PS3 and they probably will. But do they have other games coming to PS3 to bad they couldn't answer.

Nick2120043598d ago

Unfortuneatly, that is how it works. Game developers and publishers do not like to talk about their products too much ahead of time.

TheMART3598d ago

"THC CELL - 5 minutes ago

2 -
i think killzone 3 is going to take it to the next level
i mean transport online
coop upto 10 player"

Wut? 10 player co-op in KZ3? They couldn't even manage to get 2 player co-op with KZ2!

clixx333598d ago

They didn't get 2 player co-op with Killzone 2 because with such beautiful graphics and gameplay that a huge map from Killzone has, adding in another player would just kill that amazingness. So before you comment so stupidly with your fanboyism, please take a moment to actually play the game or at least please think before you speak. And yes, I do realize none of this will get processed by him and he will just resort to another lame fanboy comment.

TheColbertinator3598d ago

MART does play Killzone 2 you numbskull.He even hosted a KZ match and I played with him on Salamun Market

rucky3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

And hows GeOW2's maximum 5v5 (broken)online multiplayer? Pretty revolutionary for a game that's supposedly the best game on that console. Oh yeah running on Unreal engine too.

goflyakite3598d ago

Regardless, mart is still an idiot.

He doesn't know the difference between the developers not wanting to put co-op in and not being able to put co-op in.

Gue13598d ago

Why is Colbot defending the Mart? LoL

Is this a new Bot organization or something? =D

Defectiv3_Detectiv33598d ago

I just hope they tone down the amount of players and focus on the gameplay in the MP. Too many players really lagged the servers in this game.

I thought KZ2 had a good SP campaign, it just took a while to get going, but especially the last boss fight. I don't care who you are, play that mission on the hardest mode and you will get your ass handed to you.

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