iPhone Footprint: Hexed Review

An evil witch is out on the hunt for the Hexlings, and you can stop her wicked intentions by matching their hexed forms. Hexed takes the Match-3 puzzle genre to a whole new level with a great format.

The game starts with colorful illustrations in a comic book layout which tells you of the present fate of the Hexlings. The sinister music coupled with the spider webs and the full moon plunge you in right into the plot. The Hexlings have been betrayed by some of their own kinsmen, and now you have to save them from enslavement by the witch.

You can rotate the pieces around any connected cauldron to match them. It is also possible to rotate the screen and try out different lines of attack. You can plan out your line of strategy and follow it, or you can simply play in a nonchalant manner. Both ways work fine for this game.

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