Prototype 'expected' to outsell inFAMOUS by 90 percent

Destructoid writes: Electronic Entertainment Design and Research has weighed in on the Prototype versus inFAMOUS debate with numbers. According to EEDAR estimates, Prototype is set to outsell inFAMOUS by a dazzling 90 percent when combining the sales of the multiplatform releases of Prototype. However, inFAMOUS is expected to sell between at least 35 to 50 percent more on the PlayStation 3 than Activision's title.

As noted in the blurb we received about the sales estimates, these numbers carry some meaning with publishers. Nobody was hurt by the exclusive release of inFAMOUS, but the potential of making more money by spreading the console love is obviously present. I asked EEDAR's director of analyst services Jesse Divinich if money given for exclusivity would balance the numbers in some way. He said it wouldn't.

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lloyd_wonder3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Prototype is multiplatform. No surprise.

inFamous is the better game though.

rogimusprime3602d ago

I've never had the motivation to get a platinum trophy on ANY game before infamous, and I have about a dozen to choose from.

Anon19743602d ago

Like other's have mentioned, Destructoid really needs to grab a clue. Reporting that a multiconsole game is expected to sell better is like saying that water is wet.

This, the "Sony needs to STFU," article. Destructoid has clearly shown what they're about, and it's not providing unbiased game news.

Rainstorm813602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

No Sh!t.

Where is the article about COD4:MW out selling Halo 3 by 33%?

Oh yea because this site is FlamePS3 4 Gamers.

Infamous is a better game than Prototype isnt that what matters??

Revvin3602d ago

@ 1.2 Bubbles for you, completely agreed. What ever happened to professional journalism. Sadly its all too easy to grab yourself a domain name a webhost and become a critic, Destructoid is a waste of anybody's bandwidth.

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metalhead3602d ago

Well this game and Uncharted are the only two I want to get platinum trophies for. I just need to have time to go for the crushing difficulty on Uncharted though lol

metalhead3602d ago

Oh btw the first 2 Gears games could come to the PS3 as well just with a different title though. Like Gears of War Sigma lol jk jk.

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Rainstorm813602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

yes i agree "Its a shame, inFamous is actually good" would have sufficed, although you 360 guys harp on sales just like you said in your comment.

Thats why you cant say something that simple. To fanboys sales equal greatness yet none of you want a Wii.


COD [email protected] outsold gears2 only on 360 without adding the PS3 version. The top 5 selling games; on 360 3 are multiplat on PS3 2 are multiplat. Multiplats Sell

Anon19743602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

GranTurismo sold on a console with 100 million installed users. Clearly last gen it was easier for exclusives to succeed. This isn't last gen.

While Halo can certainly hold it's own, multiconsole releases consistently beat exclusives in sales. Because one or two titles become over achievers doesn't change that fact. Just compare Gears sales to Call of Duty: WAW. WAW crushed the Gears game in sales because it's across multiple platforms.

Edit @ likedamaster below. No, Halo 3 doesn't prove your point. Call of Duty WAW outsold Halo 3 as well. Check your numbers. At any rate, one or two games don't suddenly negate the fact that the other 99% of game releases prove my point.

Syronicus3602d ago

There is no way really that it would have outsold a game that is multiplatform like Prototype but if it did have more press, it would have done even better. inFAMOUS is the best of the two and plays nearly flawlessly but they should have dumped more money into advertising the piss out of it.

In the end though, sales matter not to me. The game is awesome and if I was the only one to have bought it, it would still be great.

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likedamaster3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

I see your point. But why Gears and WAW, and not Halo 3? Maybe because it would have further proven my point and not yours. Both FPS and sold exactly the same. Except one is multi and one is not.

Also, I think Gears would be better compared with Red Faction if anything.

Edit: You did mention Halo, my bad.

Gamingisfornerds3602d ago

Due to all your blind fanboy hatred, you are missing the point o this article, which is: Whether there is more money to be made with Exclusives or Mulitplats.

Seeing as Protoype and Infamous are going head to head in terms of gameplay audience and anticipation and review scores, it's reasonable enough they choose these games to look further into this. They are mearly trying to point out whether it's worth it going Exclusive or not. I.E: Exclusitivity fees vs. more sales accross multiple platforms.

I personally feel exclusives should excist to deliver much more quality and help establish a brand for either console. And also, I think Infamous is way more appealing than Protoype...just incase all you pathetic fanboys bring out the silly arguments against my opinions.

F N A Pepper3602d ago

i agree with you 100%, i do own both systems so this isn't a fanboy response, i bought prototype for my 360 obviously for the achievements, (i like 360's achievement system better). but anyway, i thought for sure i was going to love prototype, it looked like my type of game, infamous looked good but not as good (mind you this is before the game came out). i got infamous and was blown away, absolutely awe struck, (never getting rid of this title) Prototype however not so much, it was an ok game, ONE TIME THROUGH! i was sorely disappointed, it fell short on so many levels it was just devestating to me. Ultimately the only reason this game would ever sell anything out is cause you are comparing a single platform exclusive to a multiplatform game guys, c'mon now lets make this a little more fair. And to be fair to the 360 guys this is the closest thing your gonna get ot infamous so i don't blame you for being sore, and if it makes Ps3 guys feel any better it sold more on the playstation!!!

gaffyh3602d ago

Well duh. Prototype is multiplat, inFAMOUS is exclusive. Even if it doesn't sell more, as long as it makes a profit and the game is good, then it is a good thing for Sony.

inFAMOUS was the first game I ever tried getting a platinum from, because it was such a great game. Can't wait for the sequel. Can't really say the same thing about Prototype, cos it was good but not great.

Rainstorm813602d ago

Its easy to see that you will make more money on multiplats. Money isnt the main source of motivation to some devs like R* and David Jaffe.

@ 1.17

You wont see stories talking about how prototype selling more on PS3. I call it apporoval bias, there may be many PS3 fans on this site but Fanboys run the approvals.

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Ju3602d ago

Gamingisfornerds, thanks for repeating the obvious. That's exactly the point. Like someone said above, and water is wet. We all know that (and I am glad I could help out for those who don't - there's always someone, right?).

However, if that'll be the trend in the future, that means, you can make more money with half a$$ games as long as you sell 75% on each platform (or even more, just for a quick additional Wii version). And that's a trend (or an argument) I do not support.

Gamingisfornerds3602d ago

And I mentioned a little thing called exclusive fees?! Ring a bell?

Reading comprehension I believe is the word...

Real Gambler3602d ago

Prototype (PC, 360, PS3) outselling Infamous (PS3). Wow. I'm sure nobody was expecting that!

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ultimolu3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )


Jason, what the hell does Activision have to do with this?

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TheDeadMetalhead3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

I doubt it, but Prototype likely will outsell Infamous just because of the simple fact that it's multiplatform.

@ Jason - Reported for off-topic post. Activision won't do it. They need Sony a lot more than Sony need them. Also for your "OMG PS3 OWNERS DON'T BUY GAMES!!11ONE" comment, if you would read the description:

"However, inFAMOUS is expected to sell between at least 35 to 50 percent more on the PlayStation 3 than Activision's title."

Open Zone is that way. --->

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njr3602d ago

People resort to sales comparison when ratings comparison doesn't go well in their favor. This is just another example.

cmrbe3602d ago

Whats next?. COD 6 MW 2 sells 90% more than Halo ODST?.

Dose anyone see how pointless this article is?.

There are clear advantages to go exclusive.

1. You spend less money and time on dev for multiple consoles.

2. It suits small devs like Suker Punch as being exclusive means more help from Sony and partners.

3. Devs general are able to put out more titles faster i.e. Better productivity.

4. Devs are able to do they best game they can by concentrating on one consoles strength.

5. Following from number 4. It enhances a devs reputation. WHo do you think have enhanced their reputation more after Portotype and Infamous?. Suker Punch or Radical Entertainment?.

6. In the case of Sony's exclusive. Sony funds all of their game development. This is great for Small devs like Saker Punch as they don't have to find the captial to create their games. Virtually no financial risk for them.

I sometimes wonder if these so called journalist think before they write their articles. If Mulit-plat is better. Why are all games not multi-plat?. Why haven't devs like Bioware for example developed ME as a multi-plat?.

Its obvious this question is only asked now because Infamous is a Sony exclusive. These haters are jealous that Sony has another stellar exclusive that they have to write these bullcrap articles to put it down. Epic Fail i say.

DaTruth3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

It's a moot point; SuckerPunch is owned by Sony and couldn't go multiconsole if they wanted to.
Sony makes money on peripherals and all kinds of hardware(excluding PS3 console, but eventually) and needs something to define it from other consoles so making money on games isn't as important as it is for Activision, who only makes money from games; SuckerPunch doesn't have shareholders to answer to, so as long as they make payroll, they're happy.

And if anyone wants to know why Destuctoid is hopping on the PS3 hate bandwagon, just look at their comment section. They cater to their fanbase.

I got da PC3602d ago

Didn't Activision make Prototype? I would expect Activision to have alot to do with this. If Prototype doesn't do well on the PS3 that could help reinforce the decision to drop support for the PS3.

Karum3601d ago

Are you saying that the PS3 version of Prototype is ahead of inFAMOUS on Do you mean in the US?

The US isn't the only country in the world mate, nor is Amazon the only outlet that sells video games inFAMOUS could very well outsell the PS3 version of Prototype on a WW scale.

Now I'm not saying it has or it will but your argument is so incredibly flawed it's ridiculous.

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Natsu X FairyTail3602d ago

eh , What's the use of ths?

nothing relevant.

Knightrid8083602d ago

I actually find these articles amusing. N4G is like a retard check, we get to see which retarded articles come from which sites and we get to see how extremely dumb the authors and approvers are.

Xeall3602d ago

What tickles me is the link just below the article saying 'next page: more 360 stories'.

solidjun53602d ago

3 platforms of a game vs. an exclusive.

The game on the 3 platforms sold more. Must be nice to have a PhD to figure that out.

Beg For Mercy3602d ago

hide the fact that infamous is the better game by a long shot

YogiBear3602d ago

You have hit the proverbial nail on the head.