IncGamers: Magna Carta II Interview

IncGamers writes: "IncGamers recently caught up with Namco Bandai's Yoshihisa Kanesaka, producer of Magna Carta II, to find out about the upcoming RPG sequel and what the combination of Eastern and Western styles brings to the game.

Q: What's new? How is this different to any other RPGs? We've seen a lot of RPGs, like Sacred 2 for example, coming out. We've seen other games with RPG elements. How is this different to anything else that's out there?

A: The biggest difference from other RPG titles will be in the combat system. We are using traditional turn-based battles, as well as action-RPG elements, so it's like a unification of Japanese traditional RPGs and Western market RPGs."

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Chris3993388d ago

It looks great; yet at this rate (without any known marketing push and little coverage) it will go completely unnoticed by the masses.