Sonic and Full Auto 2 confirmed for PS3 launch

Great news for Sega fans today, with Sega of America's vice president of marketing, Scott Steinberg confirming that both next-gen Sonic and Full Auto 2: Battlelines are both on track for the November PS3 launch.

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Gamer135800d ago

These two launch titles not for me, rather Motorstorm.

THAMMER15800d ago (Edited 5800d ago )

Full auto with out rumble will suck worse than it did on the 360. I think Sonic will be cool but I still wont buy it an any system.

Sevir045800d ago

Man this is gonna be crazy more and more titles for the PS3 Sonic is Gonna be hot. and i'll finally get to see what Full auto is about.

zypher5800d ago

nice to see the PS3's lauch list finally taking shape. too bad these two games don't interest me much. bring on Motorstorm, Resistance and Heavenly Sword instead.

achira5800d ago

i think motorstorm and resistance will come on launch for sure, because in my preorder i can select one of this games: 1. lair 2. singstar 3. motorstorm 4. resitance 5. genji2 6.formel eins 2006 7. eye of judgement. i will get one with the 600 bucks version ! everyone gets it who orders in july in some shops in germay (perhaps other countys too ?) for free. and this is from sony europe. so the goal is to launch it on launch.

TheMART5800d ago

Yeah it would be nice to launch it on launch and not to delay it on launch... That sounds like a well thought statement

Dustin_c_miller20085800d ago

i think sonic games are good but i have never played a full auto game. does anyone think i should get full auto 2 for any game system?

Marriot VP5800d ago

nahh full auto's horrible in my eyes. Its like the chinsiest arcade shooter around. Forza 2 for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.