PSi: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Review

PSi writes: "Pleased or not, there's no question that Freedom Unite is the ultimate Monster Hunter release. Adding this to your library if you already own the last version is going to net you some new quests, monsters, and features, but it's all evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Die hard fans won't think twice, and this is definitely the best place to jump on as a new player. Our problem with where the series has gone in the last few years is that it provided huge promise, delivered well enough, and then made small changes without addressing some of the biggest deficiencies, such as online play. The formula is still fun, the monsters still exciting, and who doesn't like being a hero to a bunch of needy villagers? Whether Monster Hunter Freedom Unite wins your heart or not depends on how much you take to its unique blend of action gameplay and stat-driven, task-oriented character development".

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