What Crackdown 2 can learn from inFAMOUS

Timothy Seppala writes,

"At the Microsoft press conference last month at E3, the public got their first glance at Crackdown 2, the sequel to what many considered a throwaway game that just happened to come with an invite to the Halo 3 beta.

The original Crackdown paved the way for games like the recently released inFAMOUS, which borrowed heavily from Realtime Worlds' first foray onto the 360. With that said, what should Crackdown 2 borrow from inFAMOUS? Conversely, what should Crackdown 2 avoid like the plague?

Hit the jump for my ideas and something completely different."

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shocky163391d ago

Can't think of much else.


Enough with the imitating. developers need to start innovating.

if you innovate, im spending the 60 on your game the first day it comes out.

Whut3391d ago

the guys from cracdown can leap over the puny buldings.

edgeofblade3390d ago

Ahem...this is about what Crackdown 2 can learn from Infamous... not what Infamous already learned from Crackdown 1.

And it's CRIMINAL to call Crackdown a throwaway game. If you do, it means you never played the game and can't separate Crackdown from your irrational Halo hate.

Cherchez La Ghost3390d ago

You don't climb in Crackdown, you leap over buildings. The more orbs you collect, the stronger you get.

cRaZyLeGs 933390d ago

From what I played of the demo of infamous, the two are completely different. I really don't understand whats good about infamous? what did I miss? This person must have been bad at the game if it took him ages to kill wang.

Dareaver13390d ago

Infamous innovated on the mechanic by making it more free form. But Crackdown been had you scalin buildings. I think InFamous actually has an ode to crackdown in it, or is that Prototype.

Anyways, Crackdown just has to be more of Crackdown. The game was a gem, and i enjoyed every second. It was the first game to make me really feel like a super hero. And finding all those orbs was hard as hell, but enjoyable. And when i got my upgrades and started scalin buildings and doing the ground pound thing when i jumped high enough, the game became awesome.

Also, i loved the targeting system. Sometimes I'd go for headshots, other times i would disarm them, shoot them in their legs first and watch them faceplant as they are running. The game was just awesome. I pure and underrated gem.

gaffyh3390d ago

The demo really does not do inFAMOUS justice. I thought the same when I played the demo, but when you play the full game, it's sooooo much better. It's actually one of my favourite games this generation, and it isn't even a graphical powerhouse like other first party Sony titles.

SuckerPunch really know how to make a game fun, cannot wait for the sequel.

pixelsword3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago ) Crackdown borrowed heavily from the Matrix movie. They borrowed from Neo and/or the agents in particular, which has a couple of games out based on the movie itself, by the way. If you want to split hairs, you can include (gasp) the Hulk comic books, as he is the souped-up version of the officer, or the weak version of the Hulk... whatever.

Writers need to do just a little bit of researching before writing; else it sounds like propaganda.

pixelsword3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

Just in case anyone wants to disagree... just a brief example at the beginning of the video where the player jumps on top of the building.

da720izcumin3390d ago

how dare you compare crackdown (1.5m) vs infamous

I'll tell you what, infamous should have done a better job at copying crackdown if it really wanted to be successful, but I guess they were going for graphic whores instead of coming out with good games.
I am sure the sony kids will go "infamous was better says critics...roar!!!"
but you forget crackdown metacritic (83%) vs infamous (85%)....
lol, hardly the better game.

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Bnet3433391d ago

If Crackdown 2 tried to do everything he said, it'd just be ripping off inFamous. Leave Crackdown 2 alone, it will be good. I'm pretty sure the devs making Crackdown 2 know what they are doing.

GameOn3391d ago

A better checkpoint system and music is hardly ripping the competition off.

WildArmed3391d ago

agreed @ 2.1
It'd better to have voiced your concerns then wait n cry later whn u cant do anyting about it

Polluted3391d ago

I quite liked the soundtrack in Crackdown. Sure they tried to please everyone and ended up with some stuff that doesn't appeal to me, but they also had a crap load of Molotov songs and some other good stuff on there.

edhe3390d ago

The music in crackdown was appropriate for the game, if not to everyone's taste.

however i did spend alot of time in Volk territory because of it :B

I would appreciate that if they did that again though they let us have more control over the music anyway.

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Gamer_Politics3391d ago

Crackdown 2 should stand on its own and bring some new things to the table

xtkxCracktheSkye3391d ago

You should go away, or bring some common sense to the table.

Anyway, I liked the first. I think some influence from inFAMOUS would be a very wise thing to have. Especially the phenomenal climbing mechanics.

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