Fallout 3: Are DLCs worth it without Broken Steel?

Unsure whether to buy Point Lookout or not? The latest DLC for Fallout 3 features oodles of swampy, imbred fun, and at first glance, it's worth the price of admission.

If you've downloaded Broken Steel first, that is.

According to a source at Bethesda, part and parcel of Broken Steel is to unlock the level cap and remove the ending of the main game. No other DLC has or will have that functionality. So if you want to advance levels and gain access to the new perks, downloading Broken Steel is a must.

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MetalGearBear 3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

"Fallout 3: Are DLCs worth it without Broken Steel?"
article is lame!!!!

Everyone know Broken Steel is only best DLC on Fallout 3. other DLC is too horrible. believe me!!!!!

interrergator3389d ago

well thats if u dont want to do the storyline then yea

Shmotz3389d ago

The unlocked weapons and other things help players in the game do everything. That and its a new mission to play for people like me who have completed everything in FO3

vx3389d ago

itz da only thin day got right now DLCs, no real gamez on it!! an day have to keep dem happy,For example D4L-2 which iz basically a DLC for da 1st one! an all day did waz rename da game to L4D-2 an selling it for $60.
so yah it iz worth it specially in this economy, you need to be smart to get pps money az ez az u can.