How to bypass "Error Connect" for Battlefield 1943

By name many users have tried to get in on the action of Battlefield 1943 but have been hit with a bit of a snag. Dice has convinced fans that it is a server issue and they are trying to add servers around the clock. Now if any that are reading this at home have tried and have gotten a error message in the form of "Error Connecting to EA Servers" then Dice adding servers isn't your problem. Fortunately we have two remedy's that can get anyone on they're way to join your friends in battle.

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Nelson M3542d ago

Download it from The PSN

Nelson M3542d ago

The Bots even Suffer lag on The Dashboard

Nelson M3542d ago

Lag when their Xbox RRoD's on Em
The Game Freeze's and then 1 hour and 46 mins Later RRoD

Tinted Eyes3542d ago

download and go online no problems

DanSolo3541d ago

lol well I can't get on it, as for some reason I can no longer play any EA games!
I used to play Bad Company all the time, but now any time I try to play any EA games it just won't let me join the servers.
EA customer support were no hope either, I guess I just won't be buying any EA games anymore!