Mistwalker next game…what could it be?

A lot of rumors considering mistwalker next game, some say it is lost odyssey 2, other say it is blue dragon sequel and the remaining fans say it is a new IP.

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SpoonyRedMage3440d ago

It might not even be a 360 game but I hope it is! Can't wait to see what it is anyway and what platform it'll be on.

ASH hasn't been released in the west yet though!

SpoonyRedMage3440d ago

They make games for the DS as well like Blue Dragon Plus(with permission from MS) and the aforementioned ASH and I think they're oficial Wii developers too so you can never be too sure.

locos853440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

I thought they canceled the next Mistwalker game Cry On?

leila013440d ago

Their next project will either be a Wii (coz of the Wii dev kit) or an X360 game.

gaffyh3440d ago

I hope it is Lost Odyssey 2, blue dragon sucks ass

FarEastOrient3438d ago

Has this company learned its lesson too that JRPGs sell more on PS3s and PSPs than on Wiis or Xbox 360s? It is interesting that the project hasn't been labeled as an Xbox 360 exclusive especially when Microsoft usually mentions it first before the developer.

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Sonyslave33440d ago

can't wait another classic jrpg baby.

Myst3440d ago

If it's Lost Odyssey 2 I'm going to scream, because I haven't even gotten some time yet to pick up that title, I was only able to get Fable II.

Though if this excerpt is true: "new game will have a blend of rpg style strategy and character growth." I can see myself getting that.

iamtehpwn3440d ago

I would do anything for a Lost odyssey 2.
No unreal engine!
Dear GOD.

immortal843440d ago

i don't think they will use unreal engine 3 in there next game,because all developers are facing problems when they use it.and yes lost odyssey is best jrpg to be released since final fantasy 10 IMHO.

deividpaulo3440d ago

Mystwalker must to stop to make games to 360:

First - Microsoft betrayed Mystwalker "buying" the Square-enix games.
Second - Japan HATES xbox360...

rob60213440d ago

Honestly Mistwalker was the main reason I bought a 360 after already having a PS3, and the Jrpg drought still present on PS3. They better put out some more games, and please have them be better looking *cough lost odyssey*.

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