Lost Odyssey 2 not Hironobu Sakaguchi's next project

Originally Lost Odyssey was meant to be a series. Developed by Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the at the time PlayStation-exclusive Final Fantasy series and made for a "competing platform" . . . it was to be Microsoft's answer to Final Fantasy. VGB looks into where a sequel disappeared to.

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SpoonyRedMage3718d ago

Cry On wasn't being funded my MS. Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon are both owned and funded by MS so I think LO will become a franchise like Blue Dragon. Same with Infinite Undiscovery.

But yes he did talk about a new project but is that bad? If Sakaguchi can build a variety of potential franchises that's just good for everyone.

Saying that I can't wait for Lost Odyssey 2.

gaffyh3718d ago

:( I wanted Lost Odyssey 2.

Reibooi3718d ago

I loved Lost Odyssey and played it to death and thought it was one of the better RPGs this gen however I don't think it should get a sequel.

The game pretty much stands alone and does not need a sequel I would MUCH rather see another new original IP then a sequel that is half hearted.

nirwanda3717d ago

gutted there won't be a sequel they could have easily made a sequel FF style completely set in a new universe with more immortals

Saaking3718d ago

FAILURE JRPG only on the failbox. I'll be happy with AAA Demon's Soul.

Gabe EatsWell3718d ago

Let's not forget about Tales of Vesperia PS3, the superior version. :)

Saaking3718d ago

Of course, how could I forget.

Optical_Matrix3718d ago

JRPG's released/TBR worldwide on PS3...

Eternal Sonata
Final Fantasy XIV
Final Fantasy Versus XIII
Final Fantasy XIII
Resconance of Fate
Disgaea 3
Persona 5
Demons Souls
Valkyria Chronicles
White Knight Chronicles
White Knight Chronicles 2
Agarest: Generations of War
Cross Edge
Tales of Vesperia COMPLETE (not the demo Xbro's paid 60 bucks for)
....I may have missed some. The myth that PS3 has no JRPG's cannot be used. Heck WKC is better than pretty much all JRPG's that have been released so far on the 360. It brings so much more to the table.

OmarJA3718d ago

The mastermind behind one of the most successful JRPGs of all time is wasting his time & talent on the 3FixMe...

Hopefully Mistwalker will bring a great JRPG on the PS3 one day.

Saaking3718d ago

Yep he has become a shame of the gaming industry and of Japan, in the same low ranks as SE.

patterson3718d ago

Omar I wish for the same thing. Hopefully Sakaguchisan would strike a deal to at least release his next RPG as a multi-platform.

Gamer_Politics3718d ago

jealous sony fans like always mad because they only have like 4 jrpgs...

Gabe EatsWell3718d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on TOV superior version. Thanks for beta testing Gamer_Politics.

Gamer_Politics3718d ago

never fails ps3 fans are used to waiting for things from years ago...

Saaking3718d ago

VC and Demon's Soul are both rated higher than any JRPG on your failbox.

Gamer_Politics3718d ago

and the number of Jrpgs on ps3 can be counted on 1 hand...thats sad ps used to be the home of those titles but hey its losing everything like always..

Saaking3718d ago

so what are these great 360 exclusive JRPGS? SO4 (Fail) LO (fail), Infinite Undiscovered (EPIC fail). What else?

Gamer_Politics3718d ago

Lols i guess thats why ps3 owners are getting happy for 360's year old titles....with FF gone and multiplat ps3 offers nothing for the hardcore Jrpg gamer...since 360 has that along with many others

Obama3718d ago

TOV is not just a simply expansion. It got new quests, FULL voice acting, new characters and skills, and not to forget NEW storyline. There's actually so much added to the ps3 version that made some beta bots screamed out: "It's not FAIR"

Gamer_Politics3718d ago

Lols go ahead and big up that year old 360 jrpg title while MS adds more new ones to the catalog come TGS

Obama3718d ago

Aside from TOV, all the jrpg on the 360 flopped hard. MS will have a very underwhelming TGS I assure you.

kingdavid3717d ago

flopped hard? meh. Ill give you last remnant and infinite undiscovery.

Play em before judging em. Gta 4 is 98 on metacritic FFS, wouldnt that tell you its the best game ever made and will ever be made?

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jack_burt0n3718d ago

Sakaguchi was swallowed by his own hype, I dont understand his reasoning of leaving all his japanese fans behind its crazy stuff. Its like bungie releasing ODST only in japan no one wants that lol

I loved spirits within too :P

SpoonyRedMage3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

He didn't/doesn't like Sony and his fans would have you know... supported his games regardless of platform. It actually shows who's a fan of the games and who's a fan of the platform.

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The story is too old to be commented.