Alan Wake PC Plans "Up In The Air"

Edge-Online: "Sam Lake, lead writer for Alan Wake, has told us that Remedy is currently focusing all of its efforts on development of the Xbox 360 version of the game, and that it's committed to hitting its spring 2010 release date."

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clixx333438d ago

Now PC is a good idea. This game looks really fun, should be a good experience.

3438d ago
crazy-eyez-killah3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

Huh...? I submitted this article yesterday (the first to do so) and it got to like 350degrees, now its failed approval as a duplicate story (it wasn't) and this pops up? and I used a better picture... ;)

Whats that about...?

clixx333438d ago

Well since Microsoft's platforms are the Xbox 360 AND the PC...most of their games go to PC as well. So what's wrong with saving $200+ dollars and buying it on my PC instead? After all, as long as you do have a good computer, it would be the same experience.

wirapuru3438d ago

Or the game is showing itself so good that PC gamers can't handle wait or it's its marketing crew who is making a hell of a job, but I can't hear anymore about this silly "alan wake on pc in up in the air"..

if the "game dev team" can't decide about this I don't think they can make a *very good* game after all. Decide about it already..

sunil3438d ago

From what I have seen this game could get quite some hardware sold... its good, no question about that... that being said Microsoft would profit more if the game does not release on their other platform PC-Windows (do they even earn anything other than software license on windows)...
Am sure they wont stop it from coming on the PC, but it might be a timed exclusive

Flipfito3438d ago

seriously im trying to find a reason to buy a 360 but if all good 360 games keep going to PC, whats the point? but alan wake on PC..not a bad idea but chill a lil

peowpeow3438d ago

If you have a gaming pc then i understand why you feel no need for a 360. But if you mean in general then I'm sure there are alot 360 owners who don't own a gaming pc or like to game on PC.

dirthurts3438d ago

after some time that is.
Pc is an easy port from the 360. I know a lot of pc gamers that would enjoy it. I'm betting 6 to 9 months after the 360 release.

TheIneffableBob3438d ago

The game has been developed for the PC from the start. In fact, everything they've shown from the game was from the PC version until E3.

Natsu X FairyTail3438d ago

how did this get approved? they already had that news today.
as far as I wont be affected by this since I shall be buying this on xbox360.

The PC version will come out a few months after xbox360.

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The story is too old to be commented.