Killzone2 "Napalm and Petrusite" Map pack Dated and Priced

The officiel Japanese Killzone2 website has updated earlier today with a new article appearing on the 'DLC' section of the page. We learn that the third Killzone2 Map pack "Napalm and Petrusite" will be released on July 23rd and cost 800 Yen (5.99 Euros). Two new maps, "Suljeva Cliffside" and "Arctower Landing" will be introduced. Moreover, two new weapons will make their way into the multiplayer mode, those being the flamethrower and boltgun. Last but not least, 8 new trophies will be added.

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beavis4play3385d ago

whatever happened to the new single-player episodes the devs hinted at before the game launched. i'm sick of game after game releasing nothing but map-packs for dlc. don't get me wrong.........maps are fine but i was hoping there would be a little more variety.

redsquad3385d ago

Agreed. I'll happiliy take the multiplayer maps, but those of us who favour a single player experience (and I admit, I realise we're probably a minority) get overlooked far too often.

deshon093384d ago

don't you think they would still be working on that if it still going to happen look how long it took for the game to come out so if it still happens at the soonest i think we would hear about it later in the year to tell you the truth i don't think we will see it this year or at all if i had to chose between more single player dlc or them starting on killzon 3 my pick would be killzon 3 but if they did say something about single player dlc it mite happen but im ok with the multi player maps

Nelson M3385d ago

But a Zombi Helghast Mode (Co-op) Would be Cool

Zaynal3385d ago

Weird. There's no info on this at English website. Could this be limited to Japan region only?

jessehaysfl3385d ago

no it's just a leak, it was not supposed to be on the japanese site, wait a couple hours and I bet it's gone...

The map pack is real and coming...this is proof...However I was reading on GOONLINE that SCEE has denied this....but SCEE is wrong.

As far as single player....I'd imagine in about a moth or so you will hear more...although I could be wrong. I think this will be the second to last MP extension for KZ2. in other words there still should be 1 more map pack after this one.

kratos1233385d ago

i am not getting this the other news is saying there wont be any new maps and then this comes allong really weird hope this one is treu

PirateThom3385d ago

I hope one of the maps is like Southern Hills and has some sort of timed danger.

Qui-Gon Jim3385d ago

The word "Napalm" makes me think it could. Haven't played the Flash & Thunder maps, but they sound really cool.

ChrisTiffer3385d ago

... YES I was hoping they'd add the more exotic weapons into the multiplayer; WOOHOOOO!

ID IR A G 0 N3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

cool they are adding two more weapons to unbalance the game for the garbage players. those two new weapon will do nothing but cause complaints. knowing the kz community they are already complaining about the weapons. at least they didnt add the electricity gun.

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The story is too old to be commented.