Two New Maps, Two New Weapons For Killzone 2

Sure, the game's not dominating the PS3 scene like it was probably hoped it would, but Guerilla are still banging away on updates for Killzone 2, the latest of which appears to take the form of some new DLC.

Reader Corey sends us this list of trophies for the game, which were updated today to include mention of stuff not previously spoken of by Sony or Guerilla. It appears there'll be two new maps - "Suljeva Cliffside" and "Arctower Landing" - along with two new weapons, a Boltgun and a Flamethrower.

No idea on when these will actually appear, or how much they'll cost, but if they're turning up on official trophy lists, they can't be too far away.

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LiquifiedArt3388d ago

A journalist isn't supposed to be a Fanbot! geez. And my reasons to never use kotaku grow by the day!

LordMarius3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

yeah, he even post on the comments to "explain" himself

Edit: Bubbles4u

rodrz343388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

Yes, don't click on the link to give those kids credit. With the 360 fading a bit more every day, Kotaku is one of the last Xbox 360 fanboys websites, along with Edge and Eurogamer.

Waste of time. All you'll find there is their jealousy and their frustration.

rbluetank3388d ago

i believe the power switch is broken because it turns off after turning on... my 42inch tv had the same type of problem. i will be getting this DLC after sony fixs my ps3... i am glad i have my third in four years "long green mile" running 360 in the living room to tie me over.. i just hope my 360 stays alive until

WTF the host paused the game in gears2 in horde mode for 5 minutes then quits... forget this shiat.. i am going back to true gaming. i am dusting off my ps2 and going to play shadow/colossus.

PirateThom3388d ago

I have a feeling the bolt gun is going to be either ridiculous overpowered or ridiculous weak. In the game, it was basically one hit kill/attached to a wall.

The flamethrower will, probably, turn into a close quarters death trap at a spawn point, but be useless for any long range fighting, maybe it will combat the shotgun a bit.

IVYvsTAKI3388d ago

What classes will be able to use the new weapons?

SnuggleBandit3388d ago

ya i have a feeling a lot of people will be censoring it in their games just like the rocket launcher

phosphor1123388d ago

Considering there is NO spawn protection anymore..(which I don't like). I wonder how they'd balance out the ammo and such with the new weapons.

RememberThe3573388d ago

I love the spawn points now. I hated it when people would spawn and be invincible for that one second. You could do a damn thing if they got you in their sights. Now that crap doesn't fly and you have to be more on point.

phosphor1123388d ago

It would give the person spawning a fighting chance. Since it spawns you in random directions, the spawned will have to FIND the enemy, while the enemy always knows that smoke is in front of them..camping for someone to pop up.

PirateThom3388d ago

Direction is usually based on where people throw the thing though.

People always spawn facing the direction the point was thrown, which is why I always do a 180 before deploying the point, so people are, at least, facing the objective. It annoys me when people throw it in such a way that, when you spawn, your back is at the enemy/objective.

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Hudahudahuda3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

These have got to be free or atleast the weapons. I can't imagine how they would seperate people by giving those who pay more an advantage in weapon selection.

If they cost money i'll buy them anyways. I love this game, play it more than CoD4 now.

I think they will give the engineer the bolt gun since he lacks another main weapon and the bolt gun is a workers weapon. They will probably have a new class for the flamethrower. Pyro time anyone? HUDAHUDAHUDA

Finalfantasykid3388d ago

They'll probably do it like Warhwawk handled new weapons. The weapons were handled by free firmware updates(Like the wrench and biofield generator), but the maps were by DLC.

LordMarius3388d ago

ah finally I cant ditch my rocket and shotgun :)
This should be good, hopefully its free

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