The Portable Gamer Review: The Legendary Starfy (DS)

TPG writes, "The minute you utter the locations aloud from The Legendary Starfy, you realize this game wants to be loved. To be frank, its almost too damn cute at first for a "real man" to play; but after a few hours in, you will be smiling ear to ear because it makes you so damn happy. What begins as a slow-paced and laid back platformer (that is seemingly built for Japanese audiences) ends with such depth and challenge that it demands to be purchased immediately. The game is a perfect amalgamation of unique level design, fluid gameplay, vibrant visuals and whimsical storytelling. Nintendo has another hit franchise on its already money-soaked hands."

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bgrundman3387d ago

Wow... I can tell by looking at the images that this is a kiddy game.

Neco5123387d ago

one that you want to play. Don't lie

supercharger51503387d ago

Don't kid yourself. It is totally for kids and super easy. There's nothing that holds your attention for longer than half an hour. Even on a nine hour plane flight from Osaka. :(

Neco5123387d ago

so cuddly wuddly... must not give in to inner child

CrAppleton3387d ago

ROFL.. yeah.. please do.. this looks rather.. interesting

CrAppleton3387d ago

Albeit kiddy.. but still a good review

darkroomdemons3387d ago

Its. Just. So. Damn. Cute. But BEWARE!!!

My wife has already finished it twice but we spend at least a half hour a day screaming in frustration trying to finish the time attacks of secret world 10. It will test your mettle like the hardest of platformers.