Final Fallout 3 DLC will have most powerful weaponry

Fallout 3's DLC producer, Jeff Gardiner, has said that Mothership Zeta will have "the most powerful weaponry in the game."

Mothership Zeta will be the fifth DLC episode for Fallout 3, following on from this month's Point Lookout DLC release for Bethesda's RPG.

"The player will have a handful of tasty alien technologies to play with," explains Gardiner. "There are new fire arms and melee weapons, which will comprise the most powerful weaponry in the game."

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CPmonkey3388d ago

this is the final DLC.

I was hoping for more to be honest.

MegaMohsi3388d ago

Considering they're releasing a GOTY edition this fall then chances are that this is the last piece of DLC for Fallout

Rockox3388d ago

I need to pick up some MS points. July is going to be crazy:

The Secret of Monkey Island
Gears of War 2 - Dark Corners
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
Fallout 3 - Mothership Zeta