Xbox Live Marketplace Update: Thursday 9th July 2009

Console Monster writes: "It's been a while since a demo has arrived on the Xbox Live Marketplace and, as we posted earlier, a demo for Fuel is now available. The Skate 2 downloadable content we revealed the achievements for last week has now been released amongst more content. Here is the full Xbox Live Marketplace update for Thursday 9th July 2009:

Game Demos

Fuel Demo
Price: Free (Gold Exclusive offer)
Size: 1 GB
In an alternate present, vast swathes of America have become no-go areas as the devastating effects of global warming ravage the continent. But these danger zones become a playground for a new breed of racer. With a stockpile of fuel to be burned, adrenaline junkies head into the wilderness to compete against each other in spectacular races against themselves and the elements. This playable demo offers a taster of one race and one challenge from the full game, as well as the chance to try out Free Ride in a small section of the wastelands..."

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BX813483d ago

God forbid the day that Rock band and Guitar Hero go out of style! Thats all the majority of these updates are, is songs for lips or RB and GH.