Battlefield 2 Update Released

EA has released a new beta patch for it's FPS title Battlefield 2. The update brings the game to v1.50 and is now available for download.

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Digital Commando3388d ago

It's awesome that DICE still updates the game!

GEESE3388d ago

This is the OG modern warfare game. And it's still the best.

JonnyBigBoss3388d ago

Man that game is old, but great.

Pandamobile3388d ago

If they really did fix up the hit detection, I'll fly over to Sweden and give the patch team a big hug. Only took 3 years >:U

Vip3r3388d ago

I had 1.5 beta 2 and there was about 2 servers online with it. But 1.41 has hundreds. Might wait a while before downloading this.

pandaboy993388d ago

A great game but ive never had a game as a big of a system hog as BF2. Then again i havent played bf2 in years maybe they optimized it after all this time... time to dust off the game!

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