TCM OC Podcast E19 - Man Down! - The Overseas Connection Podcast is down one, so we rummaged the streets of London and found another Brit to take up the space. Join Murphys Law, Chin Chinny, F&A Eternal and Androski from as we cover the weekly game challenge, new releases, listener mail and our new segment "The Rant".

Topics & Games discussed:

• Collector edition games, are they really worth the price we are paying?
• Fight Night Round 4
• Battlefield 1943
• 1 vs. 100 Adding Prizes.
• Ubisoft Opening Toronto Studio.
• Tecmo Koei Asks Sony to "Please Cut the PS3 Price".
• Tekken says Unlocking Characters Outdated.
• Demo Play Coming to Nintendo Handhelds.
• Can High profile DLC can hurt lesser retail titles?

Download and enjoy!
Show note: Skype acted up a little during the show so we apologize for any rough moments but they are few and far between.

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