Current PlayStation classics to be PS3 compatible in May

Sony has confirmed with IGN what Joystiq and the Fanboy sites discovered last night: current downloaded PlayStation Classic titles do not work on the PS3, despite its firmware upgrade.

The problem is that two files -- the ROM and its certification key -- are needed for the PS One titles to work on the PSP, but that "such a system is not needed on the PlayStation 3," according to the article. We're not sure how this explains the console's inability to play the titles, but rest assured SCEA manager Al de Leon told IGN that, "we'll be replacing the older PS1 games with fixed versions sometime in May" and you will then be able to download the games directly to your hard drive.

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MikeMichaels4201d ago crappy 16-bit arcade games anyday.

ngg123454200d ago

To play ps one games online for psp and ps3. This would be an amazing feature that will help the sales regardless, and it will be really awesome.

Phantom_Lee4200d ago

maybe they will have cool games like sukoden series, or FF7 or MGS

sajj3164200d ago

Just so that there isn't anymore confusion, all current downloadable PSOne games will not being playable on the PS3. This will be fixed in May (ETA). Assuming the PS Networks tracks my downloads, it will let me download an updated version. It either tracks my download or I have to connect my PSP to the PS3 to verify that previous file I downloaded (key certificate maybe?).

All NEW titles will be able to play on firmware 1.70+ on the PS3. Come on Sony, give me Metal Gear Solid!!!

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