GameFocus: MySims Racing Review

GameFocus writes: "EA have done well with the MySims franchise on the Wii. The franchise is a very nice fit on the Wii, and while there have been some stumbles along the road, for the most part, the series has offered enjoyable family entertainment for the better part of the Wii's life cycle. This time, the charming Sims-lite experience is back, and it's taking on a very different genre: Kart-racing. So, can a group of highly customizable characters take the crown from a certain plumber and his friends? Let's check it out."


+ Fantastic amount of customizable items.
+ Solid racing.
+ Visually on par with other games in the series.
+ Excellent control options.
+ 4-player multiplayer is well done...


- ...though doesn't make up for no online.
- The collection missions can be a bit tedious at times.
- Audio is nothing special.
- Levels can be a little bland at times.

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