Original Creator of L4D2 Charger Speaks Up

Praised as a Valve creation, the new Special Infected known as the "Charger" actually comes from the mind of a Steam forum user by the name of ms255, in a thread he created back in December 2008. Fast forwarding to half a year later, videos and press coverage of the sequel are released, and lo and behold, in comes the monster to L4D2 with a name even proposed by the original creator: The Charger. However, his reaction is not what you would expect from someone who had their idea put into a video game, as he is in fact, very dismayed.

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StillGray4323d ago

It'd have been nice for Valve to give him some credit. It's all he wants.

iseven4323d ago

give credit where credit is due.

StillGray4323d ago

Agreed. I'm not sure what Valve's deal is in claiming that they got the Charger from 'various different sources' when the concept easily belongs to this guy.

StillGray4323d ago

Yeah, certainly seems so. It's hard to fathom why they wouldn't credit him.