NL: Geometry Wars Galaxies Review

Nintendo Life writes: "Geometry Wars: Galaxies is a great little arcade title that harkens back to the heyday of the video game boom, bringing with it classic gameplay, snazzy visuals, and a bundle of fun. You certainly shouldn't miss out on this commonly overlooked version, especially considering you'll be able to play the original as well. Its original price point of $40 may have been only worthy to arcade shooter fans such as ourselves, but new copies of Galaxies are still readily available for the current bargain price of $20 (with a similar price point in the UK). You'd do yourself a great disservice by not picking this one up".

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Cajun Chicken4324d ago

But yeah, this game freaking rocks! I've been playing it on and off since I got my Wii about 4 months back. DS version is pretty tight too, but basically the same game.

Despite not being made by Bizzare, this is my fav GW game yet. You can really see where some of the gameplay from GW2 came from.

Smacktard4323d ago

I love this gamee! The DS version is okay, but the Wii version is absolutely FANTASTIC! Sometimes when I'd be playing, and I'd be in the zone, because the wiimote controls are just like a dream, and then I'd have to use a bomb (any button on the nunchuk) and I'd get all messed up and flustered, haha. It's a fantastic game.