GD: Dead Fantasy Creator Monty Oum

GamingDead: "There are a few names that every fan of the Final Fantasy series of games knows: Hironobu Sakaguchi, Yoshitaka Amano, Nobuo Uematsu…Monty Oum.

Oum may not be listed during the credits of any of the Final Fantasy games out there…yet. But having created five successful fan videos pitting characters from the Final Fantasy and Dead or Alive franchises against one another, in a series known as Dead Fantasy, Oum is now a household name for gamers in those fandoms. We caught up with him at the Artists' Alley at Anime Expo in Los Angeles, CA.

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4pocalyps33391d ago

monty oum is so awesome! patiently waiting for dead fantasy III

Lucreto3391d ago

He is taking his time but I looked up his work he is previewing the fifth part at Comic Con.

4pocalyps33391d ago

any idea when comic con is??

i3eyond the Circle3391d ago

Go to YouTube and type in Haloid

Monty Oum is talented check that vid.

Myst3391d ago

Love his work the Haloid one was awesome and I especially like the Dead Fantasy series, makes me want to pick up my pencil again and start another comic/manga.